Brahmarakshas: Raina succeeds to stop Brahmarakshas consuming sanjeevni booti

Dec 09, 2016


Brahmarakshas: Rakshas tries to get Sanjeevni booti from Raina (Krystle Dsouza) but fails, Raina determined to save Rishabh’s (Aham Sharma) life

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s thriller show Brahmarakshas will showcase a highly dramatic sequence where Raina will come face to face with Brahmarakshas once again and her life will be in danger. Raina’s mission will be to save Rishabh’s life at any cost and she gets the Sanjeevni booti for him from the special tree. The Sanjeevni booti has special powers as it can give immortality to anyone who drinks it. Rishabh is hanging between life and death and Raina wants to give him this medicine to revive his life. However, as Naina runs through the forest to reach Rishabh, she suddenly comes face to face with Brahmarakshas once again. Brahmarakshas fumes seeing Raina and Raina falls on the ground being scared. Brahmarakshas over powers Raina somehow and gets the sanjeevni booti bottle from her. Brahmarakshas wants to drink the sanjeevni booti to become immortal so that no force can kill him and he can live on forever. Just when Brahmarakshas is about to drink the sanjeevni booti, he suddenly gets overpowered by some mysterious force and he is unable to drink the medicine. The bottles falls from Brahmarakshas’s hand and Raina manages to take the bottle and run away from there. Will Raina be able to give the medicine to Rishabh and save his life or will she face some more hurdles in her way. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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