Brahmarakshas: Rakshas Aparajita to get killed post fierce battle

Nov 10, 2016

brahmarak-087Brahmarakshas: Battle between good and bad Brahmarakshas to end with Aparajita (Kishwer Merchant) getting killed

The upcoming episodes of Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas will showcase the major twist in the storyline as the old Brahmarakshas will come face to face with Aparajita as she takes up her female Brahmarakshas avtaar. Viewers will get to see the intense battle between the two Rakshases which will lead to the end of either one of them. It will soon be seen that Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Raina (Krystle Dsouza) will get kidnapped by the original Brahmarakshas sad and they will be kept in a dark dungeon. Aparajita will also reach there in her Brahmarakshas avatar and the original Brahmarakshas will be furious to see his arch enemy. The fierce battle between the two will start off where the original Brahmarakshas will be on the good side whereas Aparajita will as usual be extremely evil. However, Aparajita will turn out to be more powerful that the old Brahmarakshas as he will make him weak with her evil powers. Aparajita will project a strong light from her hand towards Brahmarakshas which will make him fall on the ground. When Raina comes in Aparajita’s path, Raina too will face the brunt as Aparajita will throw her strong evil light on Raina too. Raina and Rishabh will be shocked to know that the female Brahmarakshas is none other than Appu Mausi and they will come to know of her real avtaar. Although Aparajita will overpowers Brahmarakshas, Rishabh and Raina, she will suddenly become weak as Raina will throw Vibhuti on her. While Brahmarakshas was kept away using the lotus flower, Aparajita will be scared of Vibhuti as its will lower her powers. Aparajita will become weak and this is when Brahmarakshas will overpower her. The shocking twist will take place as the battle between the two Rakshases will end as Aparajita will get killed with the powerful sword. Aparajita’s Brahmarakshas powers will come to an end as she gets attacked and this will also be the end of Aparajita’s life. With Aparajita being dead, Rishabh and Raina will breathe a sigh of relief. However, trouble will not and here as the people of Kamalpura will continue to be plagued by the terror of Brahmarakshas. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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