Brahmarakshas: Re-marriage for Rishabh, Raina attacked by Brahmarakshas

Nov 13, 2016

brahmarakshas-90pBrahmarakshas: Rishabh (Aham Sharma) saves Raina (Krystle Dsouza) form Rakshas amid with Haldi function

Fans of Brahmarakshas are soon going to see a heartbreaking track where Rishabh will be all set to get married with Kiara which will lead to emotional turmoil for Raina. Rishabh and Raiina’s marriage was fake as the two got married only to fight against Brahmarakshas. However, both fell in love with each other but could never express their feelings. Now that Raina and Rishabh have got separated from one another, Rishabh has decided to move on with Kiara. However, Raina loves Rishabh and cannot see him with anyone else. Rishabh’s remarriage news fills Raina with hurt and distress but she pretends to put up a brave front. Viewers will now get to see Rishabh and Kiara’s wedding sequence. The family will celebrate Rishabh’s haldi ceremony and Raina will be a part of the function. Raina will be accompanied by her friend Shivam but her heart will only beat for Rishabh. Raina will be hurt and seeing Rishabh and Kiara’s closeness and will cry silently. Rishabh will suddenly complain of something going into his eye and Kiara will loving help Rishabh by cleaning his eye. Raina will witness this intimacy between them and will be upset. Raina will walk out of there but very soon, another twist will take place. All of a sudden a fire will break out and Raina will be in trouble. Rishabh will leave Kiara and will rush to be with Raina to save her. The fire will be started off by none other than Aparajita. Aparajita wants to seek her revenge from Raina as Raina did not save her when she had begged her for help. Rishabh will rescue Raina leaving his haldi function mid-way. Let’s wait and see whether the two are able to express their love to one another. Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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