Brahmarakshas: Rishabh’s ex-girlfriend Kiara enters as new troublemaker

Oct 22, 2016

Brahmarakshas: Raina (Krystle Dsouza) gets insecure seeing Rishabh’s (Aham Sharma) ex-girlfriend Kiara re-enter in his life

Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas is soon going to showcase the entry of a new character who will help to add some interesting masala on the show leading to a love triangle. The current track of the show is focussing on Aparajta turning into the new Brahmarakshas and creating havoc amid the family. However, there will soon be more trouble in Rishabh and Raina’s life with the entry of Rishabh’s ex-girlfriend Kiara. Kiara will be Rishabh’s ex-lover and she will make a dramatic return in his life which will lead to more twists or Raina and Rishabh. As soon as Kiara enters the house, Rishabh will see her and will begin to cough as he is totally surprised to see her after so long. Rishabh’s food will get stuck in his throat and Raina well hep him out. Kiara’s return in Rishabh’s life will create a big dilemma for him as he has started falling in love with Raina but he still has some feelings for Kiara. Kiara will also be in love with Rishabh and will want him back in her life at any cost. On the other hand, Raina too has started loving Rishabh but she will be tensed seeing Kiara as she will think that Rishabh still loves his ex-girlfriend and will move away for her. Rishabh and Raina have never confessed their love to one another and their marriage is also only namesake. The two had married to one another only to kill Brahmarakshas but they have nor managed to confess their feelings to one another as yet. Kiara’s entry will create more trouble as Raina and Rishabh will furthermore move away from each other because of her. Kiara will be seen as a grey shaded character who will try to take Raina’s place in Rishabh’s life. Kiara will order Raina to get medicines for Rishabh and Raina will follow her orders. Raina will give the medicine to Rishabh and Rishabh‘s feelings for Kiara will start to rekindle. Kiara will be seen making efforts to get into Rishabh’s heart once again and will make sure to seperate Rishabh and Raina.  Stay tuned for more updates on Brahmarakshas.

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