Brahmarakshas sold off to Sheikh by Mohini for scientific research

Nov 23, 2016

brahmaraks-900Brahmarakshas gets jailed by scientists who want to make his clone but he escapes

Zee TV’s thriller based show Brahmarakshas will now showcase a shocking twist in the storyline as the evil man Brahmarakshas will get kidnapped. As reported earlier, Rishabh and Raina will set out in search of Brahmarakshas after knowing that he has been kidnapped. However, they would not know that the person behind the kidnap is none other than Rishabh’s mother Mohini. Mohini kidnaps Brahmarakshas by making him unconscious with a powerful medicine. Mohini sells Brahmarakshas to a very rich sheikh from Dubai for a large amount of money. The sheikh wants to use Brahmarakshas in order to make clones of him and execute his evil plans throughout the world. The sheikh brings along some scientists to do scientific research on Brahmarakshas. The scientist will want to know the mystery behind Brahmarakshas and how he has such amazing powers. The scientists will keep Brahmarakshas locked up in a jail and will take his blood sample for testing while he is unconscious. However, Brahmarakshas will soon wake up and will be furious for being locked up. Brahmarakshas will also catch hold of one of the scientist and choke him. The scientists will try to inject Brahmarakshas with a drug to make him unconscious again but all their attempts will fail as Brahmarakshas will unleash his fury on the scientist. Brahmarakshas will create a major ruckus as he will destroy the scientific lab and will escape from there. Let’s wait and see whether the evil sheikh is able to catch hold of Brahmarakshas once again to fulfill his.




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