Chandra Nandini 10th August 2017 written episode, written update

Aug 09, 2017

Chandra Nandini 10th August 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 11th August Precap

Dharma says that she wants Bindusar to give up his position. Chandra asks Chanakya to give his opinion and Chanakya says that a king has to think about his people first. Chandra agrees and decides to take back Bindusar’s position from him. Dharam thanks Chandra for his justice. Chandra asks Bindusar to seek forgiveness from Madhumati in front of everyone. Bindusar storms off in anger and seeking apology. Dharma and her friend are about to leave but Chandra asks them to spend the night in the palace and he will drop them off to their village the next day. Helena agrees for it. Bindusar mixes something in his juice and drinks it angrily remembering how his position was taken away from him. Helena meets Bindusar and instigates him saying that Chandra did injustice against him and insulted him. Helena asks Bindusra why he took blame on himself as Adonis is the culprit. Bindusar tells Helena that she is everything for him and he cannot lose her. Bindusar says his father only cares about Nandini but Helena is the only one who cares for him. Helena hugs Bindusar. Helena thinks that she has complete control over Bindusar. Charumati is getting dressed and her mother says she has to talk to her importantly. Mother tells Charumati that she cannot marry a man who has been accused of kidnap. Charumati says she does not care about all this as she loves Bindusar a lot. Mother says she cannot let her marry Bindusar and she will search another groom. Charumati says it is her childhood dream to marry Bindusra and she will marry only him. Nandini thinks she has to enter the palace but the soldiers stop her. Nandini says she is Dharma’s mother and soldier tells her that Dharam has got justice from the King. Nandini thinks that Chandragupta is very kind. Soldier allows Nandini to go in the palace. Nandini starts getting flashes of her past life as she walks inside the palace. Nandini starts feeling restless as she remembers her past and recalls Bindusar’s name. Nandini hears a man saying that he has seen a woman who looks exactly like queen Nandini. Nandini wonders who is queen Nandini and whether she indeed looks like her. Nandini thinks that Nandini may be a culprit as everyone is looking for her. Nandini thinks she has to return home soon with Dharma and her friend. Chandra thinks that Dharam was exactly like Nandini as she is bold and courageous. Nandini walks around the palace with veil on her face. Chandra sees a woman in a veil and asks her to stop and Nandini gets scared and begins to run away. Chandra catches hold of Nandini’s hand and keeps staring at her but cannot recognize her because of her veil. Nandini runs away and Chandra wonders who was the lady. Dharma tells her friend that Chandra is a great king but his son is opposite of him. Nandini enters their room and Dharam is happy seeing Nandini there. Nandini tells Dharam that they have to leave immediately. Dharma says that they have got justice and tells her about how Chandra punished his own son. Nandini says that everyone is searching for a woman named Nandini and she does not want to stay there anymore and she is feelings relentless. Nandini says that she has heard people saying that her face is matching Nandini and she may get killed. Dharma says that they just have to stay there for a night and Chandra will take them back to their village the next day. Chandra asks soldiers about Nandini and Moora comes there. Moora tells Chandra that Nandini has died 10 years back and they have to do havan for her death and not keep hoping that she is alive. Chandra says that Nandini is indeed alive and Moora scolds Chandrs for living in his fake hopes. Moora scolds Chandra for not giving attention to Bindusar and Nandini has to be blamed for his differences with Bindusar. Nandini has a nightmare and she wakes up being worried. Dharma asks Nandini not to worry. Nandini says that she feels related to this palace. Nandini gets restless and Dharma asks her to calm down. Dharma assures Nandini that she will remember everything gradually and asks her rest for now. Nandini thinks she has a relation with Magadh.

Precap:The maids give Bindusra a bath with milk and Dharma cleans his hair and they come close. Nandini has a veil and she falls into Chandra’s arms.

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