Chandra Nandini 10th November 2017 written episode, written update last episode

Nov 09, 2017

Chandra Nandini 10th November last episode 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad 

Helena tells Chandra to release Bindusar as he is innocent. Helena says that Adonis’s life is in danger. Chandra says that Nandini was right and she is the real criminal. Helena admits she is the criminal. Helena says that Nandini has given a poison to Adonis and Chandra says she cannot do this. Nandini comes there and admits that she has given poison to Adonis to save her son Bindusar. Helena admits that she is responsible for all the trouble in the palace. Adonis suddenly comes there and Nandini says that she did not give Adonis any poison as she can never harm an innocent person. Some unknown soldiers enter Magadh and attack Chandra’s soldiers. Helena laughs and says that she will tell her entire truth to them. Flashbacks show that that Helena tells Saunand that she will get Elis married to him if he attacks Chandra. Dharma and Charumati inform Bindusar in prison that Helena has joint hands with Saunand. A man attacks Dharma and Bindusar saves Dharma. Bindusar asks Dharma to escape but Dharma says she will not leave him. Bindusar says that she is saving him although he has always troubled her. Saunand’s soldiers surround Chandra and capture him. Dharma tells Bindusar that they will live and die together. Dharma takes a key and opens the prison door. Dharma hugs Bindusar and they escape. Later, Bindusar asks Dharma why she helped him. Dharma says that she could not see him trapped. Bindusar says that he misunderstood both her and Nandini. Dharma tells Bindusar that he was used by evil people. Bindusar apologizes to Dharma for his past crimes. Dharma places Bindusar’s hand on her heart and tells him that he is very important to her and she will never leave him. Bindusar and Dharma hug each other. Charumati comes there and is happy to see Bindusar alright. Bindusar says that from now on he is just Dharma’s husband as she saved him but Charumati ran away. Bindusar asks Charumati to end her drama. Bindusar says he will prove himself to be a good son now. Chanakya gets captured by Saunand’s soldiers. Chanakya challenges Saunand. Saunand says that his father was killed because of him and therefore he will kill him. Saunand is about to stab Chanakya but Bindusar shoots arrow and drops Saunand’s weapon. Chandra and Bindusar together fight Saunand’s soldiers. Bindusar ask forgiveness from Chandra. Nandini tells Helena that she has lost as Chandra and Bindusar have come together. Chandra and Bindusar fight against the soldiers. Saunand attacks Bindusar and he falls down. Saunand warns to kill Nandini and asks Chandra to drop his weapon. Saunand asks his soldiers to trash up Chandra. All soldiers beat up Chandra. Saunand stops his soldiers and starts beating Chandra himself. Saunand says he will give a very bad death to Chandra. Saunand says that after killing Chandra, he will kill everyone else and Maurya empire will end. Saunand orders soldiers to bury Chandra behind a wall. Chandra gets buried behind a wall and Nandini pleads Chandra not to leave her. Chandra is unconscious. Chandra’s eyes open suddenly hearing Nandini’s pleads. Chandra breaks down the wall and fights against all soldiers.  Saunand walks towards Chandra with a sword but Chandra grabs the sword and kills Saunand. Helena tries to escape but Chanakya stops her. Nandini asks Chandra to forgive Helena saying that Helena never got to marry the man whom she loved and she did not love the man whom she married. Nandini says that Helena’s marriage was done due to politics. Nandini asks Chandra to send Helena back to Greece. Nandini ask Chandra to send Adonis and Elis also back to Greece. Chandra asks Nandini for forgiveness for all the wrong that has happened against her. Chandra forgives Helena and Helena joins her hands before Nandini and pleads forgiveness. Chandra asks Helena to take care of herself and their family. Helena leaves along with Adonis and Elis. Bindusar too asks forgiveness from Chandra. Chandra hugs Nandini, Bindusar and Dharma. Voiceover says that after Helena left, Bindusar had children from Charumati as well as Dharma. Bindusar was made the next king and Chandra gave up his throne and became a sanyasi. Nandini could not live without Chandra and her life came to an end. However, Chandra and Nandini’s love became eternal.

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