Chandra Nandini 10th October 2017 written episode, written update

Oct 09, 2017

Chandra Nandini 10th October 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 11th October Precap

Bindusar asks Dharma to wake up and go and sleep someplace else. Dharma does not wake up and Bindusar lifts her and puts her on the bed and rubs her hands as she is shivering. Bindusar gets a thick blanket and puts it on Dharma. Bindusar goes on the couch and falls asleep. Bheemdev’s spirit enters a maid and she looks at herself in the mirror and talks evilly. Bheemdev says that his spirit can enter anyone’s body and that person will not know what is happening to him. The maid walks ahead and Chandra suddenly stops her.  Chandra tells the maid to tell the soldiers to keep a close watch on Nandini’s room. Mohini is tensed and the maid reaches there. Mohini asks what she wants. The maid calls her Mohini and Mohini gets angry. Maid asks whether she should call her Manmohini. Mohini understands it is Bheemdev. Mohini is happy as their plan worked.  Maid says that she also met Chandra but he did not realize that she is possessed by Bheemdev. The maid looks at Bheemdev’s body and says that when my soul is in someone else, no one should come near his body. Soul re-enters Bheemdev’s body. Mohini says that their next step is to enter Chandra’s body. Bheemdev says that chaos will take place soon and Chandra’s reputation will be ruined completely and then the real king will rule over Magadh. Bheemdev gives flowers to Nandini the next day but Nandini refuses to accept them. Chandra is angry seeing them together. Chandra comes there and asks Bheemdev what he is doing and Bheemdev says he is spending time with his wife. Chandra says nothing is proven yet.  Bheemdev asks Chandra not to go near Nandini as she is doing Pooja. Chandra gets very angry and asks Bheemdev how come he knows so much about Nandini. Bheemdev holds Nandini’s hand and Chandra gets furious.  Bheemdev gives bangles to Nandini and asks her to accept them. Bheemdev leaves and Nandini asks Chandra to control his anger as it is not appropriate. Dharma wakes up from sleep and thinks that Bindusar must have put her on the bed. Dharma talks to Bindusar and he tells her not to believe he has any sympathy for her. Charumati sees them and gets jealous. Bindusar holds Dharma’s neck and Charumati comes there and ask him not to fight with Dharma and waste his time. Dadi says they will celebrate the navratri festival. Dadi says that Devi ma sthapna will be done by Bindusra and his wife. Helena says that Bindusar and Dharma will do it. Charumati gets angry and thinks why Helena is doing this. Helena tells Nandini to help her in the Devi ma sthapna. Helena thinks she has to give the medicine to Nandini. Later, Charumati asks Helena why she gave her right to Nandini. Charumati cries and Helena asks her to calm down. Helena says that both Bindusar and Dharma will not want to do the Pooja together. Helena says that she will put her in Dharma’s place and everyone will praise her. Charumati asks forgiveness from Helena as she did not understand her plan. Helena thinks to use Charumati as her pawn. Helena meets Nandini and asks her to eat the kheer. Helena thinks the kheer has medicine and she has to have it. Nandini refuses saying she is busy. Helena insists and Nandini finally eats the kheer. Chandra comes there and says he too wants to eat the kheer and takes away the bowl. Helena gets tensed and she purposely puts Nandini’s duppata on fire so that Chandra drops the bowl and the kheer gets spoilt. Helena is happy that Chandra did not eat the kheer.

Precap:  Chandra comes close to Mohini and Mohini is sure he has Bheemdev’s soul. Chandra tells Nandini that he does not care whether she is Mohini or Savitri as he wants her.


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