Chandra Nandini 11th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 10, 2017

Chandra Nandini 11th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 12th September Precap

Everyone runs helter-skelter because of the fire. Dharma takes away Adonis and Bindusar comes forward. Chandra calms down everyone and says that fire alarm was false. Apama tells Helena that something is wrong and someone is playing game against them. Helena asks priest to continue with the wedding rituals. Dharma takes Adonis aside and Adonis thanks Dharam for saving him from marrying Charumati as he feared that Chandra would have killed him. Bindusar takes his place as the groom and the wedding rituals start off. Bindusar and Charumati take wedding rounds. All youngsters thinks of their own wedding with the one they love. Helena thinks to talk to Charumati’s father before Chandra comes to know anything. Helena confronts Charumati’s father and tells him that Bindusar has run away from his wedding. Helena says that she has made her own son Adonis the groom. Charumati’s father says he will attack Magadh for this betrayal. Helena warns him against this saying his army will be destroyed by them. The priest asks groom to lift his veil. Charumati’s father is shocked and delighted to see that the groom is none other than Bindusar. Charumati’s father tells Helena that she was joking with him. Helena is shocked to see that Bindusar is the groom. Helena looks at Adonis angrily and asks him who got Bindusar here. Adonis says Dharma. Priest tells Groom’s parents to tie holy thread. Bindusar refuses saying he will not let Nandini do this ritual. Bindusar says that Helena will do all rituals for him. Bindusar continues to throw accusations at Nandini. Nandini cries and says that she will always give her blessing to him. Chandra tells Bindusar that Nandini’s blessing will always be with him even though she does not do any rituals. Helena does the rituals. Bindusar and Charumati take blessings of elders. Binudsar’s shoes are stolen. Adonis tells Elis he has stolen the shoes and hid them. Elis scolds Adonis and asks him to get back the shoes. Kartikeya says that they want a gift in exchange of the shoes. A fight starts off for the shoes. Bindusar’s shoes are spoilt and Chandra offers his own shoes to Bindusar. Dadi and Moora are very happy. Moora says that Chandra’s gesture indicates that he trusts Bindusar to become the next king. Chandra advices Bindusar to be a good person and a good husband. Bindusar promises to be a good king. Chandra tells Bindusar that he should take blessings from Nandini too as she is his wife. Bindusar and Charumati take blessings from Nandini. Helena prepares for the grahpravesh ceremony. Helena meets Bindusar later and tells him that she had made Adonis sit in his place after he went missing. Nandini tells Chandra that it was good that Helena did the rituals as she has taken care of Bindusar since childhood. Bindusar says that he would not have got married if Nandini was asked to do his rituals. Helena thinks that Nandini should have done his rituals as Bindusra would never have got married. Nandini asks Chandra how he manages his duties as a king as he cannot get time for himself. Chandra says he gets time for himself when he is with her.

Precap: Chandra carries Nandini and puts her on bed. Charumati asks guard where is Bindusar and he says in Dharma’s room. Bindusar falls on top of Dharma.

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