Chandra Nandini 12th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 11, 2017

Chandra Nandini 12th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 13th September Precap

Chitra tells Elis that after marriage, husband’s house becomes wives.  Chitra asks Elis to ask any gift from Bindusar. Dadi tells Moora that they should make Nandini do the grah-pravesh ceremony. Helena thinks that Bindusar will create a big drama. Elis demands gift from Bindusar before grahpravesh. Bindusar says in Elis’s years that Kartikeya has agreed to marry her. Elis is very happy. Adonis says that he too wants a gift and wants a pretty bride and Helena scolds him. Dadi asks Nandini to do the grahpravesh ceremony but Bindusra throws away the plate. Bindusar says that Nandini will not do any rituals for him as she is not his mother and is only Chandra’s wife. Dharma scolds Bindusar and says that if she is Chandra’s wife then she is his mother. Dharma asks Bindusar why he is behaving this way with Nandini. Nandini asks Dharam to stop talking rudely to Bindusarand sends her away. Nandini says that Helena will do the grah-pravesh for Bindusar and Charumati. Dharam walks away and the red paint of grahpravesh gets on her feet. Helena does the grah-pravesh ritual.  Dharam runs through the corridor and her foot marks are everywhere. Chandra tells the maids to decorate the room very well as Nandini is coming to stay there. Maid tells Dharma that Chandra has called her. Chandra thanks Dharma for making him realize that he has failed to bring up Bindusar well. Chandra praises Dharma for having all good qualities. Dharma tells Chandra that if Bindusar follows his footsteps then he will also be a good king. Chandra tells Dharma that he has some instructions for her and it gets muted. Dharma agrees. Chanakya meets Chandra and shows him the place where Nandini had fallen from the cliff. Chanakya says that there is a big mystery and Baba is hiding something from them. Chanakya says that the unknown man will play his next move. Chanakya asks Chandra to make an announcement everywhere that Nandini is alive. Nandini apologizes to Dharma for scolding her. Dharma recalls that Nandini called herself queen Nandini. Nandini wonders how she said these words. Dharma tells Nandini that Chandra has accepted her as his wife and she should take her position as queen. Dharma wonders why Nandini does not mind Bindusar’s bitter words. Dharma tells Nandini that Chandra has called her to his room and she will live in his room now. Nandini thinks how she can live in Chandra’s room and Dharma says that she has to do this as there are many guests in the palace. Malay Ketu tells Bindusar that he did well by going against fake Nandini. Bhadra says she is not fake but is real Nandini. Chandra comes there and says that Bhadra will have an important role after Bindusar becomes king. Malay says that Bindusar is like his son and Bhadra is like his son. Chandra asks Bindusar to go to his room as Charumati must be waiting for him. Nandini enters the room and Dharma welcomes her saying it is her grah pravesh. Dharma does her Aarti and Nandini steps on the kumkum and enters the room. Nandini sees her and Durdhara’s sketch, tamarinds and her books. Dharma says that Chandra has decorated the room by himself. Dharma asks Nandini to accept Chandra’s love.

Precap: Nandini falls on top of Chandra while he is sleeping and Chandra teases Nandini. Charumati slaps Dharma saying that it is her wedding night and she stole away what is hers.


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