Chandra Nandini 14th July 2017 written episode, written update

Jul 13, 2017

Chandra Nandini 14th July 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 15th July Precap

 Nandini secretly enters into the room where Amatya has been kept as a captive. Amatya asks Nandini how come Magadh’s queen has come to meet him. Nandini says that she was remembering her father and therefore come to meet him as he is her Guru. Amatya says that she supported a traitor and Nandini says that Nand was a bigger traitor than Chandra. Nandini tells Amatya that she knows he wants the best for Magadh and therefore she needs some important information from him. Amatya refuses saying that his dedication is only towards Nand. Nandini asks Amatya to tell her the truth about Malay Ketu involvement in Bindusar’s kidnap. Amatya refuses to help her so Nandini requests him. Amatya tells Nandini that Malay’s entry in the palace will destroy everyone as he intends to take over the throne. Malay wanted to marry Nandini first and later got married to Chhaya for the sake of the throne. Amatya refuses to help Nandini any further so she leaves. Chhaya sees Nandini and wonders what was Nandini doing in Amatya’s room for so long. Nandini thinks that she will tell Chandra everything next morning. Suddenly, Chandra comes in front of her and confronts her about meeting Amatya. Chandra makes it clear to Nandini that he is not doubting her as Amatya is her Guru.  Nandini tells Chandra that Amatya told that Malay was involved in Bindusar’s kidnap. Chandra says that he will tell this information in front of everyone and will never allow Malay’s return in the palace. Malay meets Apama and Apama tells him that his entry back in the Magadh palace has bene paved. However, Nandini does not want him back. Malay gets angry with Nandini and says that she is a thorne in his path. Malay says that he will make Nandini suffer once he is back in the palace. Chanakya shows a man the way towards Amatya’s room. The man asks Chanakya to assure that his plan will not harm Amatya Rakshas in any way. Chanakya says that his plan will never harm, Amatya Rakshas. The man enters Amatya’s room and says that he has come to meet him. The man tells Amatya that he has come to help him escape. The man frees Amatya and later informs Chanakya about it. Chanakya says that he wants to finish his revenge after killing Pandugrath and then he will leave his duties in the palace. After he leaves, he wants Amatya to take his place in the palace. Chanakya says that he knows Amatya loves Magadh a lot and he will take care of both Chandra and Magadh. Chanakya says that he will get Amatya back in the palace soon. Next day, Moora asks Chandra for his decision. Nandini says that Malay is the one who has kidnapped Bindusar and therefore she is opposing his return. Chhaya asks Nandini for a proof and Chandra says that Amatya is the proof. Chandra calls for Amatya to come there. The soldier informs that Amatya has run away. Nandini is shocked hearing this. Chhaya says that Nandini has helped Amatya to run away and therefore went to meet him in the middle of the night. Moora and Chhaya both start blaming Nandini. Moora tells Chandra that he will have to allow Malay and Chhaya to live together. Chandra asks Chanakya to speak up but he chooses to be silent. Nandini thinks bout Helena meeting her the previous night and telling her about a plan where they will keep Bindusar safe despite Malay’s return. Flashback ends. Nandini tells Moora that they can make Malaya and Chhaya move out of the palace and lead a new life together. Moora scolds Nandini for trying to send Chhaya away from the palace. Nandini tells Moora that she is misunderstanding her. Chandra says that he will give Malay a separate kingdom where he and Chhaya can live together. Moora refuses and says that she will also leave if Chhaya is sent away.

Precap: Moora asks Helena whether she got the letter she had sent her which was about the person who is going against her. Chandra says he will not spare the person who tries to harm his son. Pandugrath thinks to kill Bindusar before Nandini return from the Pooja.


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