Chandra Nandini 18th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 17, 2017

Chandra Nandini 18th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 19th September Precap

Bindusar challenges Bhadra for a fight and says he will not touch the alcohol if he wins in the fight. Nandini asks them not to fight. Bindusar and Bhadra start their sword fight. Bindusar injures Bhadra badly. Bindusar pushes away Nandini and she gets hurt. Bindusar puts sword on Bhadra’s head and says he has won. Bindusar drinks the alcohol. Bhadra asks Nandini is she is alright. Bhadra says he will complain to Chandra but Nandini stops him and says that the bitterness between them will increase. Kartikeya meets Dharma and Kartikeya tells Dharma about his alliance talks with Elis. Kartikeya assures Dharma that he will marry only her. Kartikeya says that he will resolve the misunderstanding. Dharma stops Kartikeya and tells him to marry Elis and Kartikeya firmly refuses. Dharma says that he is prince of Champanagar and if he turns down Elis’s alliance then it will have negative effect on people of Champanagar. Dharma begs Kartikeya to marry Elis. Dharma request Kartikeya to forget her and fulfill her wish. Kartikeya tells her that he cannot forget her but Dharma asks him to go away. Kartikeya leaves with tears in his eyes. Dharma closes the door but Kartikeya remains outside and asks her to open the door. Nandini cleans her injury. Chandra asks Nandini how she got injured but she thinks she cannot tell him the truth. Chandra says he will put medicine for her. Nandini is scared as Chandra puts the medicine. Nandini gets nervous and goes away from there and thinks why she is getting attracted to Chandra. Chanakya talks to Chandra and Bhadra comes there. Chandra asks Bhadra how he got injured. Bhadra says Bindusar attacked him with a sword and tells him everything. Chandra is shocked to know that Bindusar misbehaved with Nandini. Dadi comes there and dadi says that Bindusra misbehaved with her during grahpravesh too. Chandra says he will not tolerate this behavior against Nandini. Chandra meets Nandini and asks her why she is hiding Bindusar’s crime against her. Chandra says he will make Bindusra apologize to her. Nandini says that Bindusra will hate her as she looks like the woman that killed his mother. Chandra tells Nandini that she has not killed Durdhara and he has hidden the truth from Bindusar for so many years. Chandra tells Nandini to never think she has killed Durdhara. Chandra goes to Bindusar’s room and sees him sleeping and caresses his face. Chandra leaves and Nandini tells him that he should tell Bindusar the truth. Nandini says that it is his duty to let Bindusar know the truth. Nandini says that they should gather everyone in the palace and tell the truth. Chandra says that telling truth will not resolve anything. Nandini says that he will be able to accept Bindusar only after telling him the truth. Chandra goes to Apama’s room and asks her to come to the courtroom as he wants to disclose her secret. Apama fears that Chandra has come to know that they have been poisoning Bindusar. Chandra tells Helena to gather everyone in the courtroom. Chandra addresses everyone in the courtroom and says she wants to tell a truth to everyone. Chandra says the younger generation should know the truth. Chandra says that some relations may break after knowing this truth. Chandra walks up to Bindusar and asks Apama to tell Bindusar the truth. Bindusar asks whether he wants to tell him that Apama has killed Durdhara. Bindusar says that Apama had killed his mother and had got remove from palace. Chandra asks Bindusar whether he already knew the truth. Bindusar says that Helena told him everything.

Precap: Dharma has an apple on her head and Bindusar aims at her with an arrow. Dharma tells Charumati that Bindusra came to her room and she cannot tell what happened between them. Nandini tells Chandra that she has accepted that she is his Nandini and hugs him.


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