Chandra Nandini 19th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 18, 2017

Chandra Nandini 19th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 20th September Precap

Bindusar says that no one had the guts to tell him the truth. Bindusar asks Moora why she dint tell him the truth and asks Dadi also the same question. Bindusar questions Chanakya also for not telling him the truth. Bindusar says that everyone betrayed him, for so many years. Chandra says that they did not tell him the truth as he was very young. Bindusar says that he had got many opportunities to tell him the truth. Bindusar says that he only cared for his wife Nandini and did not think about him. Bindusar tells Chandra that he is the biggest culprit for him. Bindusar walks away angrily. Apama scolds Helena for ruining everything. Helena tells Apama to calm down as he has told him only half the truth. Flashback shows that Helena tells Bindusar that her mother Apama had killed Durdhara. Bindusar demands to know why she hid this truth from her for so many years. Helena says that the complete reality is that Durdhara was always scared of Nandini and feared that she would kill her. Helena shows the letter that Durdhara had written. Helen says that Apama took the blame of Durdhara’s death on herself. Helena says that Nandini killed Durdhara and wanted to put the blame on Helena but Apama accepted the blame to save Helena. Bindusar thinks this is a big conspiracy. Flashback ends. Apama is proud of Helena for her evil plans. Bindusar enters there and hugs Apama. Chandra is regretful for not telling Bindusar the truth for so many years. Nandini is sure that Bindusar will soon forget his hatred and reconcile with him. Chandra is also sure that Binduar will forget his hatred for her. Chandra says that Nandini made special sweets for Bindusar when he was young. Chandra tells Nandini that she has to accept the she is queen Nandini.  Nandini says that she will make special sweet for Bindusar to melt his anger. Bindusar practices bow and arrow but his aim misses. Charumati asks him not to drink so much alcohol. Dharma comes there and Charumati asks her to put alta for her. Charumati thinks to trap Dharma and tells Bindusar to use Dharam as an aim and practice. Charumati gives apple to Dharma and asks her to stand in one place while Bindusar aims arrow at her. Dharma stands with apple on her head and is scared. Charumati says that if Bindusar misses her aim she will never be able to call Bindusar in her room again. Dharma says purposely that she lured Bindusar in her room and closed the door and Bindusar fells at her feet. Bindusar is furious and says this is false. Bindusar shoots the arrow and strikes the apple. Bindusar scolds Dharam for saying lies. Dharma tells Bindusar to tell his wife the truth. Charumati asks Bindusar whether he had gone to Dharma’s room that night. Nandini enters Bindusar’s room and sees that it is in a mess. Maid says that no one is allowed in Bindusar’s room. Nandini asks maid to throw away the alcohol and replace it with juice. Bindusar enters and sees the alcohol missing and gets furious. Nandini says that she threw the alcohol as it is not good for him. Nandini gives Bindusar the sweet dish but Bindusar throws it away. Nandini asks Bindusar why he still hates her although she was proven innocent. Bindusar says that she is the one who killed Durdhara and Apama only took the blame on herself to save Helena. Bindusar asks Nandini to get out and asks Chandra why had he removed her from the palace if she was innocent. Nandini meets Chandra and she thinks not to tell him about her conversation with Bindusar. Nandini helps Chandra with his necklace around his neck. Chandra asks Nandini to tell him if she has any concerns. Nandini asks Chandra why did he throw out Nandini from the palace for killing Durdhara.

Precap: Chandra and Nandini romance each other


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