Chandra Nandini 1st September 2017 written episode, written update

Aug 31, 2017

Chandra Nandini 1st September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 4th September Precap

Nandini tells Bindusar that she is not his chhoti maa but Bindusra asks her to stop lying as she has been fooling everyone with her false identity. Bindusar demands to know why she kept a veil on her face and why she cheated him by showing her burnt face. Dadi scolds Bindusar for talking rudely to his mother. Dadi asks Nandini why she did not tell anyone about her return. Moora also demands Nandini to tell the truth. Nandini says that she is not queen Nandini. Bindusar demands to know why Nandini did all rituals as his mother if she is not his Chhoti maa. Chandra says that Nandini has lost her memory but he knows that she is Nandini. Chandra says she lost her memory 10 years back. Bindusar wants to know the truth. Nandini says the truth is that her name is Prabha. Nandini says that her husband was a cruel man and Dharma’s grandfather gave her shelter for so many years. Nandini insists that she is Prabha. Chandra says that Chanakya has gone to get all the information and till then they should continue the rituals. Bindusar walks away in anger and Chandra stops him but Bindusar tells him that he cannot control him. Chanakya reaches Baba’s house in a disguise but he is not at home. Chanakya asks a villager about Baba’s whereabouts. The villager says that Baba has been living in this house since 10 years. Chanakya thinks how come Baba has suddenly gone missing and he has to search him to get the information. Chanakya thinks to return to Magadh first. Bindusar is very angry and washes off the haldi that Nandini has put on him. Bindusar recalls throwing Nandini off the cliff. Bindusra cleanses himself with water. Charumati’s friends inform her about Bindusar’s anger and ask her to go and pacify her. Charumati comes near Bindusar and Bindusar asks her to get lost. Bindusar asks her to send Dharma to him. Nandini thinks about all the past moments. Dadi tells Moora that Chandra has got back his love Nandini. Moora says that why didn’t Nandini return earlier if she was alive. Apama tells Helena that Nandini’s return is very dangerous for them. Apama says that Nandini is very smart and is just doing a drama of losing her memory. Helena says that Bindusar hates Nandini. Apama fears that Bindusar’s hatred may backfire on them. Apama says that their evil tricks will backfire if Nandini becomes queen. Bindusar is extremely angry and Elis says that Nandini is the culprit. Bhadra says that Nandini can never be the culprit. Nandini comes near Chandra’s room and the guards call her queen. Nandini asks Chandra why he did not save her when everyone was calling her queen Nandini. Chandra says that he could not lie to his family as she is indeed his Nandini. Nandini denies being his wife. Nandini removes her jewelry and says that she is someone else’s wife. Chandra says that she may have married someone else after losing her memory but she is still his Nandini. Chandra says that her back has black mark and her hip also has a mark. Chandra shares many details about Nandini saying that only he knows these details about her. Chandra makes Nandini hug him and says he cannot believe she is not his wife.

Precap: Nandini says that Chandra may be saying truth and she must be his wife. Baba is held captive by someone and tells him that he did everything as per his instruction but he should spare Prabha and Dharma. Chandra tells Chanakya that they have to find the unknown man to make Nandini realize the truth.


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