Chandra Nandini 21st September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 20, 2017

Chandra Nandini 21st September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 22nd September Precap

Dharam leaves after meeting Kartikeya and Bindusar stops her and asks her why she looks so scared. Bindusar asks her whether she has stolen anything. Dharma says that she has the wealth of knowledge. Bindusar asks Dharma why she is here as only men are allowed in this section of the mahal. Bindusar asks her if she came to meet someone here. Bindusar say that maids like her do anything to become queens. Kartikeya steps forward and says that he called Dharma here. Kartikeya says that he had pain in his back and Dharma came to do massage for him. Dharma tells Kartikeya not to use Dharma for his personal work as she is his wife’s maid. Nandini starts feeling dizzy and Dharma takes care of her. Nandini says she has not eaten anything that’s why she is dizzy. Dharma asks Nandini whether she has kept fast for her cruel husband. Nandini refuses and says that she has kept fast for Chandra. Dharma gets happy and asks Nandini whether she has recalled her past. Nandini refuses but says that she feels a deep connection with Chandra and feels his pain and happiness. Dharma asks Nandini whether she has accepted that she is queen Nandini and Nandini agrees. Nandini tells Dharma that she will always be her mother and will be there for her always. Helena eats food and Apama scolds her for eating although she has already told everyone that she is fasting for Chandra. Helena says that Chandra does not care for her asNandini is keeping fast for Chandra. Apama scolds Helena as Nandini is taking her place. Helena says that Bindusar will soon come to know the truth and everything will be exposed. Apama says that they    will make Nandini believe that she is not Nandini at all. Apama shows Helena a medicine and says that this will make Nandini get very confused and she will not know whether she is Nandini or Prabha. Apama says she will lose her memory forever. Helena says she will mix medicine in Nandini’s drink. Helena and Nandini do preparation for the ritual. Helena drops Nandini’s glass of water and Helena gives her glass to her. Chandra is about to give water from the glass but a maid comes there and says that Bindusar has refused to come for the ritual. Everyone gets worried. Nandini says that she cannot drink this water till her daughter in law’s fast is incomplete. Chandra asks Nandini to go and call Bindusar. Nandini asks Bindusar to come for the ritual as Charumati is waiting to end her fast. Bindusra flatly refuses, Nandini says that they will have a sword fight and is she wins then he will have to come with her.  Nandini and Bindusar start their sword fight. Nandini recalls teaching Bindusar sword fighting. Chandra and other family members suddenly come there. Nandini defeats Bindusar and tells him that he has to fulfill his promise now. Nandini asks Charumati to complete the ritual. Charumati does Aarti of Bindusar and Bindusar makes her drink water. Bindusar angrily looks at Nandini. Chandra steps in and makes Nandini drink water from the same glass in which Helena has added the medicine. Later, Nandini puts Sindoor on her forehead and Chandra enters the room. Sindoor falls over Nandini’s face. Chandra tells Nandini that he will clean her face.  Chandra blows on Nandini’s face. Chandra and Nandini spend romantic moments as he caresses her face. Chandra and Nandini come very close.

Precap:  Moora says that Elis will marry prince of Champanagar Kartikeya and they can get Bindusar married to princess of Champanagar. Kartikeya tells Dharma that he loves only her and cannot marry Elis. Elis hears this. Bindusar and Dharma have an argument and Dharma says that he is heartless. Bindusar pushes Dharma over the parapet.


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