Chandra Nandini 25th October 2017 written episode, written update

Oct 24, 2017

Chandra Nandini 25th October 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 26th October Precap

Nandini sees Chandra tensed and thinks not to make him more tensed. Nandini massages Chandra’s head and tells him that his behavior is abnormal since few days and therefore she has called the Doctor to treat him. Chandra agrees that his behavior has changed and cannot understand whether she is Nandini of Savitri. Nandini says she cannot see his pain anymore. Chandra suddenly starts laughing and scolds Nandini saying that she wants to prove to the world that he has gone mad. Chandra alleges that Nandini has joint hands with Bheemdev to prove that he is mad. Adonis asks Bindusar why he is drinking so much alcohol and whether Chandra said something to him. Bindusar says that Chandra does not care for him. Bindusar says that he does not want to be king. Bindusar says that he will not get his position back till Dharma forgives him. Bindusar says he will not ask forgiveness from Dharma. Adonis asks Bindusar to tell the truth to Chandra that he is innocent and lied to save him (Adonis) who is the real culprit for kidnapping Dharma’s friend. Bindusar tells Adonis that Chandra will never forgive him. Dharam hears everything and thinks that Bindusar is innocent and kept the truth hidden. Chandra takes Nandini to the doctor and he asks the doctor whether he is unwell. The doctor is scared and says that he is fine. Chandra tells Nandini to make his night special. Chandra/ Mohini goes to meet Bheemdev and tells him to enter Chandra’s body and his body will be locked in this room and the keys will be with them.  Bheemdev enters Chandra’s body. The maid gives the paste to Helena and tells her that she and Nandini have to put the paste on Mohini. Helena scolds the maid so maid says that Chandra will kill her if this task is not completed.  Nandini tells Helena that they have to do this and have no other option. Mohini is in the bath and Helena scolds Mohini. Mohini taunts Helena. Bindusar forbids Dharma to leave the room but Dharma has to leave to meet her friend and know the truth. Dharma thinks to write letter to her friend and call her to know truth. Helena and Nandini get Mohini dressed up and bring her to Chandra’s room. Chandra stares at Mohini. Helena tells Chandra that they have completed their task. Chandra starts romancing with Mohini in front of Nandini and Helena. Helena and Nandini are about to leave but Chandra asks them to stop and tells them to serve Mohini tonight. Chandra asks Helena and Nandini to decorate his bed.  Helena and Nandini do it and Chandra romances Mohini. Mohini tells Chandra that she wants the crown on Helena’s head. Chandra tells Mohini that the crown is very precious. Chandra takes the crown off Helena’s head and makes Mohini wear it. A man comes there and says that he has got a message from Chanakya. A man come and tells Chanakya that Saunand and Amatya are forming a strong army to attack Chandra.  Chanakya says that he has to reach Magadh and make a plan. Chandra stops Helena from reading Chanakya’s letter and says that only he Mohini can read the letter. Chandra reads the letter and says that Chanakya is creating trouble for him. Mohini asks Helena and Nandini to leave. Nandini gets very sad thinking of Chandra’s behavior. The doctor comes to meet Nandini and tells her that she has to tell her the truth. Doctor says that Chandra has got a serious problem and gives her a medicine to be fed to Chandra. Helena tells Nandini that she is with her in her mission to save Chandra.

Precap: Chandra asks soldiers to throw Bindusar in prison.  Nandini tells Dharam that Chandra has agreed to remove Bindusar from prison if she pleases him tonight. Helena meets Bindusar is in prison and tells him to join Greek army and attack Chandra.

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