Chandra Nandini 28th August 2017 written episode, written update

Aug 27, 2017

Chandra Nandini 28th August 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 29th August Precap

Chandra asks Nandini whether she has married Dharma’s father but Nandini refuses and says that she was already married. Chandra is confused and Nandini clarifies that she is not Prabha’s real mother and has only helped to raise her. Chandra warns Nandini to tell her the truth or he will get her jailed. Nandini says that she herself does not know the truth. Nandini says that Dharma’s grandfather had seen her near a mountain many years back and she does not remember her past. Nandini says that she is waiting for her husband to find her. Nandini says that she felt that she could be his wife Nandini but later she realized that she could never be the queen. Chandra shows Nandini all her things and asks her to remember that they are all hers. Chandra says how will he get the answers and Nandini says that he will have to confront Prabha’s grandfather Baba. Chandra is ready to go along with her to Champa. Chandra and Nandini set off together in a cart for Champa and Nandini falls on Chandra and he takes care of her. Nandini and Chandra share an eyelock. Kartikeya tells Dharma that he will tell Bindusra that he wants to marry her. Dharma asks him to wait a while longer as she does not want his father and Bindusar’s father to have a fight. Kartikeya agrees to her. Bindusra shoots an arrow and Dharma’s duppata goes flying away. Kartikeya scolds Bindusar and says that the arrow could have hurt Dharma. Bindusar says he has control over his aim. Bindusar tells Kartikeya that he cares too much for Dharma and Kartikeya says that she is very different. Nandini reaches Baba’s house along with Chandra. Nandini asks Baba whether she was dressed as a queen when he found her unconscious. Baba says nothing like that and she looked like a normal woman. Chandra asks Baba to tell exactly how many years back he found her. Baba shows Chandra the map where he found Nandini. Chandra thinks that Baba has found Nandini one year after she went missing. Chandra thinks that Nandini must have lost her memory in that one year. Nandini asks Baba whether she is a queen and Baba says it is not possible. Chandra warns him to tell the truth. Bindusar thinks about Elis telling him that she is going to get married to Kartikeya. Bindusar and Kartikeya patch up after their fight. Baba says that he found Nandini in a very bad state and she was left there by her husband who was cruel. Baba says that Nandini is not a queen but is in fact the wife of a cruel man. Chandra asks Baba to tell the name of the man whom Nandini was married to but Baba says he cannot reveal anything. Nandini says she wants to meet her husband. Chandra asks Baba to tell about Nandini’s husband but Baba says he cannot put Nandini’s life in danger again. Nandini and Chandra go away. Baba says that Nandini is indeed Chandra’s wife but he cannot tell her the truth as Chandra and Nandini can never unite. Nandini is heartbroken and tells Chandra that she does not know anything about her past. Nandini says she keeps hoping to know about her past and get back her husband but her husband has turned out to be a cruel person. Chandra consoles Nandini and reminds her that she has a daughter Prabha and therefore she should return to the palace for the sake of Prabha. Chandra allows Nandini to put veil on her face so no one sees her face and doubts on her. Nandini wonders who is she and cries and goes away. Chandra thinks she is only his Nandini as only he can feel her pain.

Precap: Nandini calls Bindusar a prince and he takes blessing from her. Chandra tells Chanakya that Prabha is indeed Nandini.


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