Chandra Nandini 28th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 27, 2017

Chandra Nandini 28th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 29th September Precap

Dharma tells Nandini that Chitra wants to marry Bhadra and not Bindusar. Neela says that she will talk to Chitra’s parents to stop with wedding. Dharma says that her parents will not agree. Dharam asks Nandini to talk to Bindusra to back off from the wedding. Nandini says she will talk to Bindusar, Dharma asks her to talk to Chandra instead but Nandini says that Bindusra is not heartless and will understand. Nandini goes to meet Bindusar and tells him that Chitra does not love him and wants to marry Bhadra instead. Nandini says only he can solve this situation by refusing for the marriage. Bindusar tells Nandini to stop her drama and calls Nandini selfish. Bindusar says that he will look like a fool if he backs out from the wedding. Bindusar says that she is evil and only pretends to be a good at heart. Nandini asks Bindusar to forget their personal problem and try to solve Chitra’s problem. Bindusar says that Kings have multiple marriges and he is not doing anything wrong by marrying Chitra. Bindusar says he will marry Chitra as he does not believe in marriage. Bindusar says that no one can stop him from doing this wedding. Nandini says that she will do anything to stop this wedding. Apama hears everything and thinks that Kartikeya and Elis’s wedding will stop if this wedding is stopped. Adonis tells Helene that Bindusar will not run away this time. Helena asks Adonis to keep quiet and keep a close watch on Bindusar. Kartikeya and Elis enter the Mandap. Chandra wonders where is Nandini? Chandra asks Helena where is Nandini. Helena says that she does not want any more drama in this wedding. Chandra blames Bindusar for the problems in the previous wedding. Maid tells Helena that Apama is calling her. Helena is shocked to hear Apama and says she will not let Nandini stop this wedding. Helena says that Kartikeya may also back off from marrying Elis. Helena asks Apama to stop Nandini from talking to Chandra anyhow. Someone knocks on the door to Chitra’s room. Dharam opens the door and maid says that Chitra is being called in the mandap. Chitra gives her wedding clothes to Dharma and asks her to take her place in the wedding mandap. Dharma says that she cannot do this. Chitra asks Dharma to sit in the mandap and she will run away from the place in the meanwhile. Chitra says that she is not like her to sacrifice her love for Kartikeya. Dharma says she will die if she gets married to Bindusar. Chitra says that she will marry Bhadra and asks Dharma to do this drama. Chitra says she will return soon and Dharam does not have to marry Bindusar. Dharma takes the wedding clothes and Chitra thanks her. Helena asks Bindusar to come for the wedding and makes him wear the sehra. Apama sees Nandini and does a drama of falling unconscious. Nandini rushes to Apama and Apama asks Nandini to take her to her room. Nandini helps Apama but thinks she has to talk to Chandra soon to stop this wedding. Helena asks Adonis to take Bindusar to the wedding mandap. Helena sees Chitra running away from the wedding and thinks to stop her. Helena sees Dharma wearing bride’s clothes and gets shocked. Apama tells Nandini to give her medicine and purposely wastes time. Nandini sees a maid and asks the maid to take care of Apama. Nandini says she has to leave immediately.  Apama tells Helena that she tried very hard to stop Nandini but she left. Helen says that she says Dharam wearing the wedding clothes and Bindusar will marry Dharma and not Chitra. Helena says that if Dharma married Bindusar then they will be able to control her. Helena asks Apama to write a letter for her. Nandini reaches the mandap and tells Chandra that’s he has to tell her something important. Chandra thinks she wants to tell about her feelings does not listen to Nandini.

Precap: Chandra asks Chitra under the veil whether she is ready for the marriage. Baba tells the unknown man that he followed his orders but Nandini has returned to Chandra. Unknown man’s face is shown.


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