Chandra Nandini 29th August 2017 written episode, written update

Aug 28, 2017

Chandra Nandini 29th August 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 30th August Precap

Chandra and Nandini walk back towards the mahal and later take the cart. Chandra returns home and he is starting at Nandini’s sketch. Helena comes there and asks Chandra where was he all along. Chandra says that he had gone out with Nandini. Helena laughs and asks Chandra to stop fooling himself. Chandra gets angry and says that he was a fool the day he married her. Helena gets furious with Nandini. Helena thinks about Baba’s words that he could not tell Nandini that she was treated very badly by the man she was married to. Dharma sees Nandini and asks her where had she gone. Nandini says she had gone to Champa and tells her about everything. Helena sees Prabha and doubts she is Nandini as Chandra has asked her to keep a veil and therefore she tells her to take off her veil. Helena is about to take off the veil but Bindusar stops her. Helena says that Chandra has asked to keep her in a veil. Bindusar says that he face is half burnt. Helena says she does not want to see a burnt face. Nandini is thankful to Bindusar and Nandini calls him prince. Bindusar tells Nandini that Dharma snatched his position from him but she called him prince. Bindusar takes blessing from Nandini. Dharma puts Mehendi for Charumati and everyone praises it. Charumati asks Dharam to write Bindusar’s initials on her hand and Dharam thinks that she too will write Kartikeya’s initials. Charumati gets a push and her mehendi gets imprinted on Dharma’s hand. Bindusar’s initial get imprinted on Dharma’s hand and Charumati gets furious. Chanakya tells Chandra that Nandini could not have survived after falling from such a height. Chandra refuses and says that Baba has lied and Prabha is indeed Nandini. Chanakya says that he will go to find the truth but Chandra asks him to stay for Bindusar’s wedding. Chanakya asks him to handle the wedding while he will go to meet baba to know the truth. Kartikeya and Adonis look at the mehendi function and Bhadra scolds them. Chandra too joins the mehendi function and Kartikeya says that they will also join in. Kartikeya looks at Dharam lovingly. Adonis starts eyeing a princess and flirts with her. Charumati’s mother asks why Bindusra is not there and calls for him. Charumati’s mother tells Bindusra that he has to find out his bride by seeing her mehendi from several women in veils. Bindusar sees that hands of all the women. Adonis tells his that his bride will have his initials. Bindusar choses the one but it turns out to be Dharma and Charumati gets angry. Charumati’s mother says that Bindusar has lost in this function. She also says that Bindusar would learn from his father. Chandra advices Bindusar to think from his heart. Bindusar says he is heartless. Chandra assures Bindusra that he will soon find the one he loves. Chandra says that Nandini taught him matters of the heart. Helena is angry with Chandra for repeatedly taking Nandini’s name. Bindusar goes away and Chandra knows that his son will find love soon.

Precap: Bindusra asks Dharma why she got his initials on her palm and rubs it off with a stone. The wind blows away Nandini’s veil and Apama sees her face.

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