Chandra Nandini 2nd October 2017 written episode, written update

Oct 01, 2017

Chandra Nandini 2nd October 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 3rd October Precap

The grahpravesh starts. Adonis asks Bindusar for gifts. Dadi scolds Adonis. Chandra says he wants a beautiful wife and lots of wealth. Bindusar says he will give everything. Helena asks Nandini to do the ritual and Bindusar gets angry. Helena asks Bindusar to control his anger. Nandini does the rituals for Bindusar and his bride. Dharma silently apologizes to Nandini. Suddenly, Chitra comes there along with Bhadra and calls out to Dharma. Bindusar is shocked and wonders who is his bride. Bindusar takes off the veil and everyone is shocked to see Dharma as the bride. Chitra asks Dharam why she married Bindusar to save her life. Helena says that Dharma has betrayed Bindusar. Dharma says she only tried to save the situation. Chitra says she married the man whom she loved. Chitra seeks blessing from her mother. Nandini slaps Dharma. Chandra asks her not to do this and they will accept this marriage. Nandini asks Chandra not to come between her and her daughter. Nandini drags Dharma and takes her away. Nandini takes Dharma to a room and questions her for taking this step although she hates Bindusar. Nandini tells Dharma how she will live with Bindusar if she hates him. Nandini says that no one will believe her that she was trying to save Chitra. Dharma says that she got a letter and tells her about the letter. Nandini says that this is someone’s conspiracy. Nandini says that she has to tell Chandra about the letter. Nandini says that they will get the letter. Helena instigates Bindusar against Dharma. Charumati also instigates Bindusar and tells him that people will laugh at him if they know that he has married a maid. Nandini asks Dharam where is the letter and they cannot find it. Dharma says that someone must have taken away the letter. Nandini says she does not accept this wedding and she will talk to Chandra. the maid come sand tells Dharam to go to Bindusar’s room as it is her suhaagraat. Chitra’s father scolds her for ruining his self-respect. He says that Bindusar will wage a war with Kartikeya. Malay Ketu congratulates Bhadra for his step of stealing away Bindusar’s bride. Bhadra says that he really loves Chitra. Chitra’s father says that his friends will become his enemies. Chitra’s father tells her to seek forgiveness from Chandra.  Malay asks Bhadra whether he will get his rights. Kartikeya tells his father he supports his sister’s decision. Chandra meets Malay and tells him that he will not differentiate between Bindusar and Bhadra. Chandra tells Bhadra that he is happy with his decision Malay is furious as he thinks that Chandra is stealing his son from him. Chandra brings Bhadra to Chitra’s father’s room. Chandra says he wants to take Chitra to the palace as Bhadra’s bride. Chandra says that he has accepted Bhadra and Chitra’s marriage. Chandra scolds Chitra’s father for forcing Chitra to marry against her will. Bhadra and Chitra take blessing from Chandra. Later, Nandini tells Chandra that they have to end Dharma and Bindusar’s wedding. Nandini says that Bindusar is not right for Dharma. Chandra says that even their marriage started with hatred. Chandra says that Bindusar will change with love. Chandra is sure that Dharma will change Nandini with her love. Nandini remembers that baba had predicted that Dharam will be linked to Magadh. Dharma is taken to Bindusar’s room. Dharam hopes that all this is a dream and will end soon. Bindusar enters there. Bindusar suddenly hugs Dharma and thanks her for saving his self-respect by taking Chitra’s place as his bride. Bindusar assures that he will end this wedding soon and he will ask his father to end their relationship. Bindusar assures Dharma that he will give her any gift for saving his family respect. Dharma says that she has not done this for any gift and did this to save Nandini and Chandra’s respect. Bindusar says he will talk to Chandra right away to end their marriage. Nandini shows some jewelry to Chandra. Nandini says that these are gifts for the new bride. Chandra and Nandini tease each other about their age. Chandra says he can do many other weddings. Nandini says she will give jewelry to both brides.

Precap: Nandini and Chandra romance each other. Baba tells an unknown man that Nandini and Chandra have united. A man sets forth to enter Chandra and Nandini’s life. Nandini tells Chandra she loves only him.

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