Chandra Nandini 31st August 2017 written episode, written update

Aug 30, 2017

Chandra Nandini 31st August 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 1st September Precap

Chandra calls Prabha as Nandini. Chandra corrects himself and say that she looks like Nandini and she can keep all of Nandini’s jewelry as she has taken place of Nandini as Bindusar’s mother after doing his tilak. Chandra talks about the environment which seems like there is celebration for his happiness. Chandra asks Nandini whether he should make her wear rest of jewelry but she says she will do it herself. Nandini leave with her veil on and Apama stops her. Apama asks her what is in the plate and she says that Chandra has given her. Apama sees that they are Nandini’s jewelry.  Nandini say that she has not stolen it but Chandra insisted for her to take it. Apama tells her that she is not accusing her and asks her to get dressed well and come for the function. Helena tells Elis that she will talk to Chandra about her marriage soon. Helena tells Chandra that they should talk to Kartikeya’s father for Elis and Kartikeya’s marriage as she loves Kartikeya. Chandra asks Helena whether she has some hidden motive behind it as he does not trust her. Helena says that Elis indeed loves him so Chandra says he will talk about her marriage. Helena asks Chandra how come he is dressed as a king after so many years. Chandra gives her rude reply. Chandra looks at Nandini lovingly. Helena asks Adonis about Bindusar. Apama takes Helena aside and tells her that she has to tell her something important. Apama tells her that Nandini is alive. Helena is shocked and Apama tells her that Nandini is the one who has worn the veil. Helena says that she is Prabha but Apama says that she has seen her face. Helena says her face is burnt but Apama asks her to see her face properly. Apama tells her that Chandra gave Nandini’s jewelry to Prabha. Apama tells Helena that she gave Chandra two children but he betrayed her. Helena says that Chandra gave her children after Moora forced him to come close to her. Apama tells Helena that they will play the game behind the curtains. Apama says that they will use Bindusar to seek revenge from Nandini.  Helena is ready to use Bindusar for her work. Bindusar tells Helena that he is not ready to believe that Nandini is alive. Helena continues to instigate Bindusar against Nandini saying that she betrayed him by showing her burnt face. Helena tells Bindusar to finish his haldi ceremony and then she will handle the matter. Helena tells Bindusar not to create a fight with his father. Bindusar arrives for the haldi function. Chandra blesses Bindusar. Family starts putting haldi for Bindusar. Kartikeya tells Dharam that he will tell his father about their marriage but Dharam asks him to wait. Kartikeya says he cannot wait any longer. Chandra asks Elis whether she wants to marry Kartikeya. Kartikeya tells his parents that he wants to get married. His parents think he is talking about Elis. Chandra approaches Kartikeya’s father and he says he has accepted the alliance. Dharma puts haldi for Bindusar and tells him that he should respect woman after his marriage. Kartikeya tells Dharma that his father has agreed. Nandini comes to put haldi for Bindusar. Bindusar sees her reflection in the water and realizes she is indeed Nandini. Bindusar asks Prabha to stop. Bindusar tells her that he wants to put tilak for her and priest asks him to take Prabha’s blessing. Bindusar asks Prabha to lift her veil. Chandra tries to stop Bindusar. Bindusar pulls off Nandini’s veil and calls her Chhoti Maa. Everyone stares at her shocked.

Precap: Nandini asks Chandra to tell everyone the truth. Apama says that Nandini will become queen once again but they will create big trouble for her.


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