Chandra Nandini 3rd October 2017 written episode, written update

Oct 02, 2017

Chandra Nandini 3rd October 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 4th October Precap

Baba tells the unknown man that Chandra has accepted Prabha as his wife and has announced that she is Nandini. The man gets angry and splashes water on his face. The unknown says that he will complete the task he has been given and he will not let Chandra and Nandini to unite. The man says that he will talk to the real king of Magadh before he begins his task. Baba says that Chandra is the king but the man laughs and says he is talking about the real king. Another man is shown dressed in black clothes. Chandra sleeps on the couch and falls off suddenly. Nandini laughs at him. Chandra goes on the bed and asks Nandini to shift as there are a lot of mosquitoes near the couch. Chandra says that they are husband and wife and can share the bed. Chandra and Nandini lie beside each other. Nandini tells Chandra that she will answer his question tonight. The man comes to the man in black clothes.  The man in black clothes asks him to reach Magadh soon. Bhadra thinks about Dharma. Elis tells Kartikeya that they are starting a new life and he should not be alone. Elis offers alcohol to Kartikeya and he refuses for it. Elis hugs Kartikeya and says that she loves him a lot. Kartikeya pushes Elis away and says he is not interested. Kartikeya says he does not love her and he cannot give that position to her. Elis says that she knows he loves Dharma. Elis says that Dharma is his brother’s wife now and there can be no relation between them. Kartikeya tells Elis he will never become hers. Helena meets Charumati and tells her that she should be with Bindusar. Helena says that she made the same mistake as Chandra and Nandini’s hatred turned into love. Helena says that Bindusar too may fall in love with Dharma. Helena advices Charumati to make Bindusar hers so that he cannot fall for anyone else. Nandini turns her back to Chandra and confesses to him that she cannot control her feelings when she is with him. Nandini confesses that she has fallen in love with him. Nandini says that her wait of so many years is completed and she has found her love. When Nandini turns, she sees that Chandra has fallen asleep. Nandini says that she hopes he could have heard her love confession. Charumati comes to meet Dharma and ask her if she was waiting for Bindusar. Charumati says that Bindusar will not come to her room tonight and he will never come. Charumati says that her dreams to become the queen will never get completed. Charumati says that Kings marry many times and they abandon many of their wives. Charumati tells Dharma that she will never get a wife’s love. Charumati says that she will take away Bindusar when he comes to her. Dharma says that she does not want to stay a single night with Bindusar. Dharma gives her jewelry to Charumati and says she is not interested in her husband. Dharma goes away and Charumati thinks that Dharam is a fool as she does not want Bindusar. Bindusar is outside Chandra’s room and soldier stops him says that he is with Nandini. Bindusar gets angry. Maid tells Nandini that Bindusar wants to meet Chandra. Nandini runs to meet Bindusra and ask him to come inside. Bindusar says that he only wants to talk to Chandra. Nandini says he is asleep so Bindusra walks away. Nandini tells Bindusra to accept Dharma as she is his wife now. Nandini asks Bindusar not to trouble Dharam because of their past enmity. Bindusar blames Nandini for being two faced. Bindusar blames Nandini for killing his mother and Nandini says that she will prove she is innocent. Nandini goes close to Chandra and tells him that she loves him a lot. The man enters Magadh and thinks she has reached the palace where his wife Prabha/ Savitri lives. The man thinks he will take away his wife Savitri.

Precap: The man enters the palace and says that he will make Nandini believe that she is his wife Savitri. The man is caught by soldiers and he says he wants to meet Chandra. Chandra asks who is the man. The soldier says that man wants to meet Chandra and rest of the family people.


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