Chandra Nandini 5th October 2017 written episode, written update

Oct 04, 2017

Chandra Nandini 5th October 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 6th October Precap

Chandra comes to meet Bindusar. Bindusar asks Chandra whether he is angry with him and Chandra says that he is not. However, Chandra tells Bindusar that he is not happy with his decision. Dharma tells Nandini that it is best for her and Bindusar’s relation to end. Dharma says that Bindusar is taking a right decision. Bindusar says that he does not want to destroy her life and he will ensure she gets married again to someone good. Nandini and Chandra are both in a dilemma and have a discussion.  Nandini tells Chandra that they will have to do something to change their hatred to love. Nandini asks Chandra how they fell in love after hatred.  Chandra tells Nandini that she had fallen in love with him. Nandini says that Dadi has told her a different story.  Chandra asks Nandini to tell him what is in her heart. Nandini asks Chandra to so something to end Bindusar and Dharma’s separation. The unknown man is caught by the soldiers and screams that he wants to meet the king. Chandra hears the man’s voice and asks the maid about him. The maid says that the man wants to meet him and others from the palace. Chandra asks everyone to gather in the courtroom. Chandra asks the man why he has come here. The man says that he is a simple man and he has come here to take back something which he has. Chandra says he cannot have his belonging. Chandra asks the man to prove that his belonging is with him and he will return it. Man says that she is his wife Savitri.  Chandra gets angry and Chanakya asks him to control himself. The man tells Nandini to accept him although he has been a bad husband. The man asks Nandini to remember he is her husband. Nandini says she cannot remember anything. The man says he has proof. The man shows his and Nandini’s sketch. Helena tells the man that a picture cannot prove anything. The man tells Chanakya that he wants justice and he cannot fight against a King. The man tells Chanakya to come to his village as he has more proof. Chanakya tells Chandra that they have to go to his village to see the proof.  Later, Nandini cries and tells Dharma that she does not remember marrying the man and she only loves Chandra. Dharma reminds Nandini about her dreams of the palace. Nandini says she has once again found herself on a confusing path. The maid comes to call Nandini to go to the man’s village. Dharam gets a letter from Kartikeya to meet him once. A minster tells Bindusar that his wedding will end after the letter gets a stamp. Bindusar thinks to tell this news to Dharma. Dharam leaves to meet Kartikeya and Bindusar sees him. Bindusar sees Kartikeya and Dharma talking. Kartikeya tells Dharam that he too will end his wedding with Elis and they will get married. Bindusar realizes that Kartikeya and Dharam love each other. Kartikeya tells Dharma that he is forced to be with a woman whom he does not love. Kartikeya says that Elis knows he loves her. Bindusar gets angry hearing all this. Dharma tells Kartikeya that she got his letter to meet her and Kartikeya says that he got her letter. Dharma understands that this is someone’s conspiracy.  Kartikeya asks Dharma whether she married Bindusar as he is richer than him. Dharma says she did this for his sister. Kartikeya says he is ready to leas his life with Elis.  Dharma hopes Kartikeya falls in love with Elis. Nandini enters the man’s house and meets a woman there. The woman welcomes Nandini and calls her Savitri. The woman does aarti of Nandini and hugs her. The woman says that she is the man’s first wife and her name is Mohini. Mohini says that she left the house as she behaved badly with her. Mohini says she is sorry for her mistakes. Mohini asks forgiveness form Nandini and calls her Savitri. Nandini says that she does not know this woman.  The man asks Mohini to call the priest. The man asks Nandini to look around and remember their house. The priest comes there and Chandra asks the priest to tell the truth. The Priest says that Nandini is Bheemdev’s wife Savitri.

Precap: Chanakya says that they will find out the motive behind their enemy. The man in black clothes says his only motive is to separate Chandra and Nandini. Chandra tells Nandini he will never let her separate from him.


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