Chandra Nandini 5th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 04, 2017

Chandra Nandini 5th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 6th September Precap

Chandra asks Bindusar to fight with him directly. Bindusar asks Chandra why he never remembers his mother and always talks about Nandini. Bindusar continues to accuse Nandini and wishes that she should die. Bindusar says that Nandini killed his mother and therefore Nandini cannot live in the palace. Chandra asks Bindusar to fight with him if he wants to prove himself. Chandra and Bindusar start the sword fight and Nandini is very worried. Chandra and Bindusar drop their swords and start fighting hand to hand. Chandra bangs Bindusar to the ground. Chanakya comes there and asks them to stop. Chanakya scolds them but Chandra says that father and son have fought for many years. Chandra provokes Bindusar and he attacks him. Chandra chokes Bindusar but then he remembers Bindusar in his childhood and leaves him. Bindusar suddenly gets up and attacks Chandra on his back. Chandra scolds Bindusar and asks him to kill him. Bindusar screams in frustration. Chandra takes a drop of his blood and fills Sindoor on Nandini’s forehead. Everyone gets shocked. Nandini looks at Chandra bewildered. Chandra and Nandini think about their past moments. Chandra holds Nandini’s hand and tells Bindusar that his and Nandini’s relation is very deep and no one can break it. Chandra tells Nandini that they will answer the questions of the people. Chandra addresses the people and tells them that the lady next to him is his wife and is the queen. Everyone gets shocked. Chandra says that everyone thought that Nandini had died but she has returned. Adonis asks Bindusar why he did not kill Chandra. Bindusar scolds Adonis for talking this way about their father. Bindusar is frustrated. Chandra tells the people that Nandini taught him to win the hearts of his people. Chandra asks the people to welcome back Nandini with open arms. Helena confronts Bindusar and asks him to handle himself. Helena tells Bindusar that it is good he did not kill his father. Bindusar complains that Chandra only cares for Nandini. Some people meet Chandra and apologies for misunderstanding Nandini. The people cheer for Chandra and Nandini. Helena tells Bindusar that the people will call him a traitor if he kills Chandra. Helena assures Bindusar that they will take revenge against Nandini. Helena assures that she will get Nandini killed. Later, Nandini is angry with Chandra for putting Sindoor on her head although she is married. Chandra asks Nandini why she cannot accept that she is his wife. Nandini is frustrated and bangs her forehead on the wall saying she cannot remember anything. Chandra consoles Nandini saying that till the time she does not accept him as her husband, he too will not treat her as his wife. Chandra says that he did everything for her self-respect. Chandra wants Nandini to continue to stay in the mahal. Nandini wonders what is the truth and what is false and whether she is indeed Chandra’s wife. Nandini tries to remove the  sindoor from her head but Dharma stops her and tells her that Chandra has accepted her as his wife and she is lucky to have him. Dharma tells Nandini that Chandra is destined to be with her.

Precap: Pre-wedding ceremony starts and Bindusar enters wearing white clothes. Chandra says that his clothes are inauspicious but Bindusar says that he is mourning for his mother’s death.


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