Chandra Nandini 6th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 05, 2017

Chandra Nandini 6th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 7th September Precap

Dharma tells Nandini that she too felt some connection with the palace when she first entered. Dadi comes there with some clothes and jewelry and says that it is her son Bindusar’s wedding and she should wear the clothes and jewelry. Nandini says she cannot accept this as it is Nandini’s. Dadi tells Nandini that Chandra accepted her in front of everyone. Dadi and Dharma help Nandini to get dressed. Nandini enters the function and Chandra is very happy to see her. Nandini tells Chandra that Dadi gave her these clothes and jewelry. Chandra tells Nandini that he will introduce her to the rest of the family. Chandra introduces Nandini to Bhadra Ketu, Tilotima, Chitra, Elis etc. Helena tells Apama that Chandra is making a fool of himself. Priest says that Moora should do Aarti of Nandini and welcome her. Moora is upset. Bindusar suddenly comes there wearing white clothes with a sketch of Durdhara in his hand. Everyone is shocked. Chandra asks Bindusar why is he not wearing his wedding clothes and why he is wearing white clothes. Bindusar says that he is mourning his mother’s death ever since he has brought back Nandini who has killed his mother. Bindusar ask priest to start the funeral rituals. Priest does not go ahead so Bindusar does the ritual herself. Chandra tells Bindusar that his mother was his best friend and knew everything in his heart. Chandra shows Bindusar chickpeas and says that Durdhara loved them the most and therefore he always keeps them with him. Chandra says that he has loved Durdhara a lot. Chandra says that Durdhara has taken a lot of care of him since childhood. Chandra says that he loves Nandini the most but he has also loved Durdhara. Later, Chandra looks at Durdhara and Nandini’s picture and says that how can Bindusar allege the he does not love her. Chandra says that Nandini took Durdhara’s place and performed her duties well. Helena comes there and tells Chandra that Bindusar’s wedding should be postponed. Chandra tells Helena that Bindusar only listens to her and therefore the wedding should not be cancelled at any cost. Chandra tells Helena that he will tell Bindusar that Apama has killed Durdhara as he is an adult now. Chandra warns Helena that he will expose all the past truth if she does not handle Bindusar properly and bring him to the wedding mandap. The priest blesses the wedding mandap. Bindusar drinks alcohol and remembers Chandra putting Sindoor on Nandini’s forehead.  Helena comes there and starts to instigate Bindusar against Chandra. Helena asks Bindusar to get ready for the wedding. Bindusar rests his head on Helena’s lap and cries saying that Chandra is selfish and only thinks of Nandini and cannot see his pain. Bindusar says that he never wants to fall in love. Helena tells Bindusar to get ready for the wedding. The maids come there with wedding clothes and Bindusar throws away everything. Chanakya confronts Chandra and tells him that the matter is becoming worse. Chanakya says that the growing bitterness between him and Bindusar will have ill effects on their kingdom. Chandra says that Bindusar needs a lot of training till he becomes fit to become next king. Bindusar loses his balance and falls and remembers past incidents. Chandra says that the day Bindusar will fall in love he will become a good king. Bindusar falls unconscious in a storage room. Chandra says that Nandini helped to change him and Bindusar will also change very soon. Chanakya says that he hopes Bindusar falls in love with the woman whom he is marrying. Chandra says that love does not happen by planning. Chandra says that Bindusar will not realize when he falls in love.

Precap: Dharma tells Bindusar that he should be at his wedding mandap. Bindusar says he cannot get married and leaves. Nandini wonders if Bindusar is not sitting in the wedding mandap then who is the groom.

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