Chandra Nandini 8th September 2017 written episode, written update

Sep 07, 2017

Chandra Nandini 8th September 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 9th September Precap

Dharma looks around for Bindusar but cannot find him. Finally, Dharma sees Bindusar crying on the ground in a drunken condition. Dharam thinks to take Kartikeya’s help to take Bindusar. Dharma tries to help Bindusar but he puts his head on her lap. Bindusar talks about his mother’s death and accuses Chandra for not remembering his mother. Dharma tries to console Bindusar. Bindusar says that Chandra never cared about him. Dharma says Nandini is like his mother but Bindusar refuses firmly. Bindusar says that there is no one in the palace who can share his pain. Dharma asks Bindusar to get married as he can share his pain with his wife. Bindusar is unable to get up and Dharma thinks she has to fulfill her promise to take Bindusar to the mandap. Dharma helps Bindusar to get up and decides to take Bindusar back without anyone seeing him in his condition. Helena dresses Adonis as the groom and sends him to the mandap. Helena informs Apama that she has made Adonis the groom as Bindusar is missing and may be drunk somewhere. Helena says that Bindusar will be humiliated in front of Chandra and Chandra will declare Adonis as the next king. Apama is extremely happy hearing Helena’s words. Dharma takes Bindusar to the bath and puts water over him and makes him drink something to remove his intoxication. Adonis enters the mandap as the groom. Adonis is very nervous. Bindusar falls on Dharma and he regains his consciousness. Dharam asks Bindusar to reach his wedding mandap soon. Elis tells Kartikeya that there will be another wedding soon and Kartikeya thinks that she is talking about his and Dharma’s wedding. Dharma dresses up Bindusar as a groom. Bindusar reaches the hall but is shocked to see that someone else is sitting in his place as the groom. Bindusar realizes Adonis has become the groom. Dharma wonders why she did not feel anger towards Bindusar today. Bindusar walks away and Dharam asks him why is he not going for the wedding. Bindusar says that Adonis is sitting as the groom. Bindusar says that he cannot create a scene amid so many people. Bindusar says that let Adonis marry Charumati. Nandini sees Bindusar and wonders who is the groom. Nandini confronts Dharma and Dharma says that Adonis is sitting as the groom. Nandini says that they have to bring Bindusar to the mandap in place of Adonis as a big battle will take place if they don’t correct things on time. Nandini has a plan. Dharma confronts Bindusar and tells him that he is doing wrong with Charumati by betraying her as she is his childhood friend. Bindusar tells Dharma to stay in her limits and he still hates her a lot. Dharma says that Magadh will be affected badly if Charumati marries Adonis. Dharma says that Charumati’s father will be furious and will seek revenge. Dharma says that she fears there will be war. Bindusar asks that how can he go to the mandap now. Dharma says she has a plan and asks him whether he can speak Greek. Dharam makes Bindusra wear the sehra again. People talk in the mandap about a big storm outside the palace. All lights get blown off because of the wind. People strat screaming about a fire, Bindusar hides and looks on.

Precap: The wedding gets completed and Bindusar is Charumati’s groom. Priest asks Nandini to tie sacred thread for Bindusar but Bindusar refuses for it.


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