Chandra Nandini 9th August 2017 written episode, written update

Aug 08, 2017

Chandra Nandini 9th August 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 10th August Precap

Chandra looks all around for Nandini but does not find her. Chandra touches a woman but she turns out to be someone else. Nandini enters inside a house for shelter. Dharma hides herself from being caught and the soldiers begin to look for her. Nandini sees Magadh soldiers and thinks that they will capture her if they come to know she is not from Magadh. Nandini runs away. The soldiers capture Dharam and ask who she is and from where is she. Dharma says that she is from Champa village and the soldiers threaten to arrest her. Dharma says she is ready to go to the King of Magadh. Nandini enters inside a house and hides. Nandini sees Chandra’s portrait in the house and thinks that she has seen him somewhere. The man of the house tells his wife that Chandra used to be such a great king earlier but he has changed completely and Helena has taken over the kingdom. The soldiers inform Chandra that they could not find Nandini anywhere. The man comes to meet Chandra and say that he must have a made a mistake and assumed some other lady to be Nandini. Chandra tells him it is not his fault. Dharma tells the soldier that she only wants to meet the king and they agree to it thinking she has information about Nandini. Chandra comes near the house where Nandini is hiding. Chandra enters the house and the people are shocked to see the king. Chandra asks the man for water and the man is extremely happy. Nandini hears everything from her hiding place. Adonis tries to rape Dharma’s friend. Bindusar comes there and slaps Adonis. Adonis says that Helena only cares about him and has fixed his marriage and no one bothers about his desires. The soldier informs Chandra that they have found a young woman who is just like Nandini and she wants to meet him.  Moora and Dadi are informed that Chandra has called everyone in the courtroom after so many years. Apama wonders how come Chandra has started taking decisions again after so many years. Chandra asks soldiers to call the young girl who wants to meet him. Dharma comes in front of Chandra and tells him that a prince from his palace has kidnapped his friend. Chandra refuses to beleive that any of his sons can do such a thing. Dharam says that her friend had been kidnapped and Chandra asks soldiers to start looking for Dharma’s friend. Helena realizes that culprit is Adonis. Dharma’s friend is called in the courtroom and Chandra asks her who is her culprit. Bindusar enters saying that he is the culprit. Chandra asks the girl to look and Bindusar and confirm whether he is the culprit and the girl confirms it. Flashback shows that Bindusar asks the girl to lie and not take Adonis’s name if asked. Bindusar admits to Chandra that he is the culprit. Dharma scolds Bindusra for not respecting woman of the Kingdom. Bindusar asks Dharma to shut up. Chandra tells Bindusra that he has failed in his duties. Chandra announces that Dharma and her friend have to be dropped back to their village and the victim should give punishment to Bindusar. The girl refuses to give any punishment and Dharam says that he has to get punishment. Dharma says that she will give the punishment. Dharam says that Bindusar’s post has to be snatched from him as his punishment.

Precap: Chandra sees Nandini in a veil in the palace and follows her but Nandini hides herself.


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