Chandra Nandini 9th November 2017 written episode, written update

Nov 08, 2017

Chandra Nandini 9th November 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 10th November Precap

Helena meets Bindusar and tells him that she has a good news. Helena says that Nandini is pregnant and Magadh will get its future king. Bindusar says that he will not let this injustice happen to him. Dharma sees everything and thinks that Helena is evil and Nandini was right as she asked her to keep her eye on Helena. Helena asks Bindusar to go against Nandini. Dharma thinks that Bindusar cannot understand Helena’s evil plans and thinks to talk to Nandini. Chandra forbids Nandini to do any work. Chandra says that he cannot let her carry heavy things. Chandra says that he is waiting for his baby to come in the world. Nandini gets worried and thinks how to tell Chandra that she is not pregnant. Chandra asks Nandini to give him a princess who is just like her. Nandini thinks she cannot tell Chandra the truth just as yet as he is very happy. Nandini asks whether he will love the baby if it is a boy. Chandra says that he will make his son very brave. Nandini asks Chandra to promise her that she will not make their son the next king. Nandini says that only Bindusar deserves to be the next king. Nandini does not want Bindusar and her son to fight over the throne. Chandra promises that he will only make the next king based on merit. Bindusar attacks pillows in anger. Nandini comes there and tells Bindusar that Helena is manipulating him. Bindusar asks Nandini not to talk against his mother who has loved him so much. Nandini tells Bindusar to believe him and tells him everything. Nandini tells Bindusar that Helena has been giving him poison since childhood and calls the nanny to tell Bindusra the truth. The nanny comes and says that Nandini is telling the truth. Bindusar refuses to believe them and Nandini says that he will believe her only if Helena confesses the truth herself. Nandini asks Bindusra to follow her plan to know the truth. Bindusar comes to Helena and tells her that he has killed Nandini. Helena gets shocked and warns him that Chandra will kill him. Bindusar says that she had asked her to kill Nandini. Helena denies telling him to kill Nandini. Helena asks Bindusar to escape and go away from Magadh. Bindusar recalls Nandini’s words and thinks that Nandini was right and Helena was using him all along for her own benefit. Bindusar asks Helena why she has used him for so many years. Helena laughs and admits that she has been manipulating him. Helena tells Bindusar that he fell into Nandini’s words. Bindusar stabs Helena with his sword. Chandra comes there and is shocked to see that Bindusar has stabbed Helena. Helena lies that Bindusar got angry when she asked him not to go against Nandini and stabbed her in is drunken state. Chandra asks the soldiers to arrest Bindusar for trying to kill Helena and takes away all rights from him. Nandini asks Chandra why he has imprisoned Bindusar. Chandra says that Bindusar stabbed Helena. Nandini is not ready to believe it and says she will tell him the truth. Nandini tells Chandra everything and says that Helena tried to trap Bindusar in her evil trap. Nandini says that Helena wants to remove Bindusar from Magadh. Chandra does not believe Nandini and tells her that he wants proof. Nandini asks Chandra to give her some time to prove Helena’s crime. Helena tells Adonis and Elis about how she trapped Bindusar and she never got stabbed. Helena explains her plan and her words are muted. Charumati meets Bindusar in prison and tells him that she believes him. Nandini comes there and says that she is to be blamed for him being in jail. Nandini cries and Bindusar catches her tears and asks her not to lose her precious tears. Bindusar admits to all his past crimes. Nandini says that Helena made him do all crimes. Nandini promises that she will get Helena punished for her crimes. Adonis gets kidnapped by some unknown men and Elis calls Helena and tells her about his kidnap. Elis tells Helena that they should tell Chandra but Helena says that she knows how to get back her son. Helena asks Nandini where is Adonis. Nandini says that she is paying her back for putting her son behind bars. Helena tells Nandini she will not spare her. Nandini shows Helena that Adonis has been kept as a captive very far from the palace. Nandini asks Helena to go and confess her crimes to Chandra if she wants to save Adonis. Nandini warns Helena that she will give poison to Adonis. Helena pleads to Nandini to release Adonis.

Precap: Bindusar tells Charumati that only Dharma is his real wife as she stood by him through troubled times. Saunand attacks Chandra and sits on his throne. Saunand says that he will torture Chandra the same way he tortured his father. Saunand asks soldiers to bury Chandra behind a wall. Nandini cries while Chandra is being buried behind the wall.


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