Chandra Nandini 9th October 2017 written episode, written update

Oct 08, 2017

Chandra Nandini 9th October 2017 written episode written update starring Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad Chandra Nandini 10th October Precap

Bheemdev enters Nandini’s room at night and says that she is only his. Bheemdev closes Nandini’s mouth and tells her that she is Savitri and he will take her away. Chandra wakes up as it is his nightmare. Chandra thinks that Nandini is not safe. Bindusar tells Dharma that she was right that her mother did not like Durdhara as her mother is fake. Bindusar says that Dharma and her mother are fake and they did all this drama to rule Magadh. Bindusar accuses Dharam for fooling all of them along with her mother. Bindusar tells Dharma that she is his maid and she has to serve him. Dharma refuses to serve him and asks Bindusar to kill her if he wants. Dharma tells Bindusar that she knows he wants to torture her but she will not break down so easily. Chitra asks Bhadra whether Nandini is indeed some other woman. Bhadra say that Chandra cannot be wrong and she is indeed queen Nandini. Moora tells dadi that the woman may be Bheemdev’s wife. Moora says that Nandini could not have survived after falling from such a big height. Dadi hopes that Chandra should not go back to his remorseful days. Helena thinks to help Bheemdev and prove that Nandini is indeed Savitri. Helena takes the medicine and gets an idea. Nandini sees someone outside her room and gets ready with a knife. It turns out to be Chandra and Nandini tells him he should not be here. Helena thinks she will increase the dose of this medicine to Nandini. Elis is happy and tells Helena that Kartikeya wants to give their relationship another chance. Dharma sleeps on Bindusar’s bed and Bindusar asks her to leave. Dharma refuses and Bindusar tries to lift her up. Bindusar and Dharam roll off from the bed together and have an awkward moment. Dharma ends up sleeping on the floor.  Nandini tells Chandra she can protect herself. Chandra taunts her for the sweat on her head.  Someone knocks on the door and Nandini asks Chandra to hide. Nandini opens the door and it turns out to be Bheemdev. Dharma shivers on the floor and Bindusar sees her. Bindusar asks Dharma to be quite and sleep. Dharma says she is feeling cold on the floor. Bindusar asks her to shut up. Dharma feels dizzy and faints. Bheemdev tells Nandini that he has got something for her. Bheemdev says he has got tamarind for her like their earlier days.  Bheemdev says he wants to spend some time with her. Nandini wonders whether Bheemdev is telling the truth. Bheemdev sees Chandra’s feet and runs to see him but Chandra escapes. Nandini asks Bheemdev to leave. Nandini sees Chandra hanging from the balcony and pulls him up. Nandini is tensed and Chandra teases her. Nandini tells Chandra to back to his room. Mohini is doing some black magic. Bheemdev comes there angrily and tells Mohini that Chandra and Nandini are still together. Mohini says that they should complete their task soon. Bheemdev asks whether their black magic will work. Mohini says she will start the black magic and starts the rituals. Bheemdev’s soul leaves his body. Mohini says she has mastered the art of removing soul from body.

Precap: Chandra starts acting weird with Nandini and says he will not let anyone come between them. Chandra kills Bheemdev and romances with Mohini.

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