Chandra Nandini: Chandra faces big challenge to make Nandini remember past

Aug 13, 2017

Chandra Nandini latest news: Bindusar and Helena to stop Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) from reuniting

Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will finally show Chandra and Nandini reuniting with each other after so many years of separation. Destiny has brought Nandini back again in the Magadh palace but she is not happy being there as she feels very restless in Magadh. On the other hand, Chandra is sure that Nandini is alive although everyone claims that she is dead and he waits patiently for her return. Viewers will now get to see that Chandra will not have to wait much longer as he and Nandini and will soon reunite with each other. Chandra and Nandini’s reunion will take place because of Bindusar as Nandini and her daughter Dharma will return to the Magadh palace for Bindusar’s engagement. Bindusar has trapped Dharma and asked her to become a personal maid of his fiancé Charumati as he wants to seek revenge for his insult.  Dharma and Nandini will return to Magadh and this is where Chandra and Nandini will cross paths once again. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that a huge fire will break out and Nandini will get trapped in it. Chandra wills save Nandini from the fire and will rescue her. Chandra will soon come to know the shocking truth that the one whom he has saved is none other than Nandini. However, Nandini does not remember anything and this will be the beginning of a new journey for Chandra as he will help Nandini to remember her past. Will Helena and Bindusar allow Nandini and Chandra to reunite? Stay tuned for latest news and futures story updates on Chandra Nandini.

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