Chandra Nandini fame Bindusar is proud of his bruises

Sep 03, 2017

Chandra Nandini latest news: Bindusar aka Siddharth Nigam suffers terrible bruises after shooting fight scene

Chandra Nandini’s latest heartthrob Siddharth Nigam landed up with terrible injuries while doing a scene of the show, Siddharth plays the role of Bindusar on Chandra Nandini and currently his character is grey shaded. Bindusar is an angry young man and has an intense hatred for Nandini and is also one of the biggest hurdles between Chandra and Nandini’s love. Although Bindusar has a lot of lovers as well as haters amid the fans, the latest news will definitely invoke sympathy amid the readers. The young actor suffered a great deal of injuries while shooting for a particular scene. Actor Siddharth Nigam was doing a fight scene and the scene was so brilliantly performed that all members of cast and crew gave him a thundering applause. However, after the scene got over, Siddharth returned to his vanity van and realized his back was completely filed with bruises. However, Siddharth has no complaints as he did his job really well and also got appreciation from his co-workers. The actors posted a picture on social media and also wrote a message about the incident "So today we did an amazing fight scene everyone was clapping for us and cheering on set. That time adrenaline on my brain was so high I was only concentrating on performance but when I came back to my vanity removed my costume I saw all these wounds on my body and pain is high i swear. But then I realized man these are the only claps and cheers I heard these are the blessing and wishes which my co-actors gave to me. Love doing all this. Trust me when you like my work and love me for the same all the pain vanishes.”

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