Chandra Nandini: Helena instigates Bindusar to get Nandini thrown out of palace

Aug 30, 2017

Chandra Nandini latest news: Helena insecure knowing Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) is alive and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) has kept her hidden

The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show that the evil mother-daughter duo Helena and Apama will come to know the shocking truth about Nandini being alive. Nandini aka Prabha has returned to the palace after Chandra insist her to come but she wears a veil around her face so that no one can doubt that she is queen Nandini. However, the veil flies away and Apama ends up seeing Nandini’s face. Apama gets a big shock as she realizes that Chandra was saying the truth all along that Nandini is alive and purposely kept her face hidden under a veil. Apama follows Nandini and realizes that she is going to Chandra’s room and Apama’s doubts get cleared. Apama will not take this matter lightly and will soon inform Helena about this. Helena and Apama will realize that Dharma’s mother Prabha is actually Nandini and they will think that she is just doing a drama. Helena will plan out her evil moves and will decide to get Prabha thrown out of the palace. Helena will insure that Dharma and Prabha fall into some big trouble and will instigate Bindusar to get them removed from the palace immediately. On the other hand, Chandra is trying hard to rekindle Nandini’s past memory so that she realizes her true identity. Nandini is in a big dilemma about her past and she too starts believing that she may be indeed Chandra’s wife. Will Nandini realize her truth before Helena gets her thrown out? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

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