Chandra Nandini latest news: Malay and Pandugrath’s plot to kill Bindusar

Jul 14, 2017

Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) unaware about evil plan to kill Bindusar

Chandra Nandini The upcoming twist of Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra and Nandini will find themselves in trouble as Malay will return to the palace because of Chhaya and Moora’s demand. Nandini had opposed Malay’s return and also got to know from Amatya that Malay was indeed involved in Bindusar’s kidnap. Nandini passes this information to Chandra and Chandra decides to tell Moora and Chhaya about this. However, when Chandra tells Moora about Malay being Bindusar’s kidnapped, she asks him to get the proof. Chandra calls Amatya for proof but gets the shocking information that Amatya has fled from prison. The blame of Amatya running away falls on Nandini as Chaya alleges that Nandini had visited Amatya at night and helped him to run away. Nandini and Chandra will not be left with any other position but to allow Malay to return to Magadh palace. Malay will return with the intension of killing Chandra and Bindusar and become the new king. On the other hand, Pandugrath will continue his plans to try to kill Bindusar. Nandini and Chandra will be unaware that besides Malay, Bindusar is also in danger of his own uncle Pandugrath who is determined to kill him. Very soon, Malay and Pandugrath will join hands in their mission to kill Bindusar. How will Chandra and Nandini save Bindusar from evil intentions of Malay and Pandugrath? Will Nandini know her brother’s real intentions? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

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