Dehleez 10th June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 10, 2016

Dehleez written update 10th June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Suhasini tells Swadheenta that Asad and Haider and responsible for Abhay’s death. Suhasini tells Swadheenta that Haider kept her in their house for 5 years because she was a lawyer. Suhasini says that Haider wanted her to fight case on his behalf and therefore he built such a strong bond with her. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to stop being foolish and realizes the truth. Swadheenta remembers all the past memories how Mamu and Mami took care of her and treated her like a daughter. Swadheenta says that she will soon clear all misunderstandings.

Swadheenta goes away from there and Manohar gets angry. Adarsh takes Swadheenta to the room and tell her that he is more determined to make sure that Abhay’s culprit is punished. Adarsh says that the fight between them has started and he wants to see whether his truth will win or her lies. Bilal assures Arvind that that he should be back in his country the next day. Arvind and Bilal see the news to know about Haider’s punishment. The two of them get shocked seeing the news that the police is in search of Arvind. Bilal advices Arvind to be under cover for a few days. Simmi asks Jaya whether Abhay’s murderer has been caught. Jaya tries to calm down Simmi and tells her that cops are on the lookout. Simmi asks why Haider was arrested and Jaya says that there was a confusion. Swadheenta comes there and tells Simmi that she will take her to hospital. Suhasini comes there and they all leave together. The media reporter comes and asks Swadheenta why she is defending Abhay’s culprit.

Simmi hears this and gets shocked. Simmi is furious and asks everyone why they are allowing Swadheenta to live in the house. Everyone tries to calm down Simmi but she says that she will return to her father’s house. Suhasini hugs Simmi and says that she does not want her health to get affected. The family stands by Simmi and tells her not to leave as they don’t care about Swadheenta. Swadheenta cries hearing their words.


Suhasini gets a courier where someone appeals her to take over the case from prosecutor Ajay. Adarsh wants Suhasini to take over the case.

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