Dehleez 12th May 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

May 30, 2016

Dehleez written update May 12th 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Asad wakes up Swadheenta in the middle of the night and tells her that Adarsh has come to meet her on the terrace. Swadheenta meets Adarsh and hugs him but he is angry with her. Adarsh confronts Swadheenta about her lying about Ramakrishna’s whiskey’s allergy. Adarsh tells Swadheenta that she did wrong by testing Suhasini. Swadheenta says sorry for lying to him but Adarsh feels that Swadheenta embarrassed his mother. Adarsh defends his mother and gives explanations for all of her doubts. Adarsh does not want his family to be separated after he gets married to Swadheenta. Swadheenta feels sorry for doubting Suhasini. Manohar meets Alan Broad in the jail and gives him papers to sign. Alan notices that the legal papers are made by Suhasini who is Manohar’s wife. Alan signs the papers being assured that he will get freedom. Suhasini and Manohar discuss that they will remove charges of terrorism on Alan and get him freedom to save Manohar’s position in the bureaucracy. Haidar reads in the newspaper that Alan got bail and gets angry. Haider tells Swadheenta that he will file PIL against Alan as he is a terrorist and Swadheenta promises that she will support Haider in the case. Adarsh tells Suhasini and Manohar about Haidar filing a PIL. Jaidev gets tensed and asks Manohar that they should stop the PIL. However, Manohar tells Jaidev not to worry as nothing will happen. Ravati asks Swadheenta to talk to Suhasini but she feels embarrassed for it. Swadheenta goes to Suhasini’s office and apologizes to her. Suhasini forgives her and asks her to end the matter. Asad sees Arvind talking without a stammer about a terrorist plan and questions him about it. Precap: Arvind announces that the terrorist attack will take place on 1st of June which is same date of Swadheenta and Adarsh’s marriage.

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