Dehleez 15th June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 14, 2016

Dehleez written update 15th June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Swadheenta questions a police officer in court. Swadheenta tells the judge that the police had lost sight of the terrorist for some time. Swadheenta says that there were two people in the abandoned building. However, Suhasini says that the police found only Asad there. Swadheenta questions the police for shooting Asad even without confronting him. The police says that Asad was wearing the suicide jacket but Swadheenta says that he is lying as Asad was holding the jacket.

Swadheenta wears the jacket and recreates the scene in court where Asad pulled out the jacket from Arvind’s body. Swadheenta asks the judge to note this point. Swadheenta says that Asad was chasing the terrorist after he shot Abhay and Asad pulled out Arvind’s jacket. Arvind escaped from there and Asad was caught with the jacket. The police shot him thinking that he is the terrorist. Swadheenta says that Arvind Gupta was the person who went missing and police did not see him. Swadheenta says that if the police had reached the spot two minutes earlier then Asad would have been alive and Arvind would have been caught. Swadheenta tells the judge that she will make sure that Asad’s name is cleared at any cost. Swadheenta meets Yash outside the courtroom and tells him that she will expose his truth. Suhasini tells Yash that she is having a doubt on the police reports after hearing Swadheenta’s arguments. Manohar says that they will have to stop Swadheenta and Yash is sure Suhasini will win the case. Suhasini says that it is important for the truth to come out. Manohar gets a call and tells that he has to meet the minster.  

The minster shows Manohar and Jaidev the report. Minister says that all reports prove Asad and Haider were righteous and true Indians. The police killed Asad by mistake thinking him to be a terrorist. Minister says that if the truth comes out then Manohar will get fired. Manohar is in a big dilemma. Jaya asks Jaidev about the meeting and Jaidev lies. Manohar calls Jaidev and asks him to cover up the matter. Jaya gives Jaidev a black thread saying that it will help him to walk on the right path. Suhasini tells Simmi that the truth will come out soon. Suhasini asks Manohar about the meeting and Manohar lies to her. Manohar thinks that he will have to hide the truth from Suhasini.


Paddy gives news that Asad and Haider had terrorist links. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to accept the truth.

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