Dehleez 17th June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 16, 2016

Dehleez written update 17th June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Manohar asks Jaidev what will happen if Swadheenta starts digging into Alan Broad matter. Jaya puts a thread around Jaidev’s wrist saying that it will help him to walk on the right path. Jaidev starts feelings guilty for hiding the truth about Haider. Swadheenta reaches Paddy’s office and tells her that Alan Broad is lying.

Swadheenta says that someone in the Ministry wants to trap Haider. Paddy asks Swadheenta whether she has a single clue to prove her point. Swadheenta says that if she will not help her then she will go to another news channel. Paddy agrees to help Swadheenta. Paddy removes information about Alan saying that he was attacked in jail. Swadheenta is shocked to know that the incident took place at the same time of her sangeet.

Adarsh comes to know from his subordinate that an internal inquiry was done regarding Haider and Asad. The man tells that Manohar and Jaidev have already seen the report and Adarsh is surprised. Paddy meets Alan Broad in jail for an interview. Paddy asks Alan why he gave his statement 25 days after the blast. Paddy sees a file hidden in Alan’s jail room. Adarsh meets Jaidev and ask him about the internal report. Manohar intervenes and lies to Adarsh about the report. Paddy calls up Swadheenta and tells her that Alan Broad was forced to give the statement.

Adarsh asks Manohar the reason for the inquiry and Manohar says that he did it to salvage his and Swadheenta’s relation. Manohar says that Haider and Asad had old terrorist links. Suhasini hears all this and starts having a doubt on Manohar. Suhasini questions Manohar about the internal inquiry.  Manohar says that he forgot to mention it to her. Suhasini continues to probe him and Manohar gets hyped up.

Swadheenta talks to Paddy on the phone regarding a minister who is close to Manohar. Paddy says that he is the same minister Kirti who got Manohar to meet with Alan in jail. Adarsh enters the room and listens to Swadheenta’s conversation. Adarsh tells Swadheenta about the internal inquiry and informs her about Haider and Asad being proved as terrorists. Swadheenta refuses to believe Adarsh. Paddy calls up Swadheenta and tells her that she has hit a jackpot. Paddy tells Swadheenta that Alan Broad transferred money in Kirti and Manohar’s account on the same day of her marriage


Swadheenta tells Suhasini about Manohar’s involvement with Alan Broad and Suhasini gets furious. Suhasini says that if she maligns Manohar’s name in court then she will never be allowed in the house again.

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