Dehleez 17th May 2016 Written Update Episode

May 16, 2016

Dehleez 17th May 2016 Written Update Written Episode starring Harshad Arora and Tridha Choudhary

Abhay and Simmi arrive there and both hug Suhasini and Manohar emotionally.  Suhasini tells Abhay that he hid such a big truth from them for more than a year. Suhasini demands why he hid the truth from him. Suhasini feels bad that Abhay thought they would leave Simmi because of her health condition. Suhasini hugs Abhay and cries while Swadheenta looks on. Suhasini tells that they will take proper care of Simmi.  Ahuja calls up Abhay and Abhay reveals that they told everything to his parents. Suhasini talks to Ahuja and reprimands him for hiding such a big truth. Suhasini tells Ahuja that she will take care of Simmi like her own daughter. Adarsh comes there and apologizes for making the plan to reveal the truth to them. Suhasini understands that the whole plan was made by Swadheenta. Suhasini apologizes to Swadheenta. Suhasini thinks that Adarsh’s choice was perfect and Swadheenta is ideal daughter in law of their house. Manohar and Suhasini discuss about how they judged Swadheenta wrongly. Abhay thanks Swadheenta and says that from now on she is his sister. Everybody starts discussing Adarsh and Swadheenta’s wedding preparations. Adarsh tells Swadheenta that he is lucky to have her. Swadheenta tells Adarsh that they only have 3 days to prepare for their wedding. Haider is worried as Asad is not able to arrange the wedding cards in time. Ahuja come there and everyone is surprised. Ahuja tells everyone about how Swadheenta fought for farmers and has also helped his daughter to get rightful place in her marital house. Ahuja tells the family that he will take care of all the wedding preparations for them. Arvind is making the bomb by fitting it in the tyre. Arvind tells his gang that one of them will go and plant the bomb in Asad’s scooter. Precap: Arvind says that Asad will help them to reach Sinha house for the third bomb blast. Haider tells Asad’s friends to go to Sinha house to help for wedding preparations.      

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