Dehleez 18th May 2016 written update written episode

May 17, 2016

Dehleez 18th May 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Arvind tells the other terrorists that they will use Asad in their plan. However, the other men say that Asad is their friend. Arvind reprimands them that they are not here to make friends and are here only for a mission. Asad also reaches there and Arvind changes his getup again and talks about Swadheenta’s gift. Jaya and Jaidev talk to each other and discuss the wedding. Jaya shows all her shopping to Jaidev and the two share cute moments together. Jaya has got a gift for Jaidev and Jaidev is happy seeing it. Jaidev feels that his and Jaya’s relation is improving. Adarsh and Swadheenta talk about how they met each other in someone’s Sangeet and now they are organizing their own Sangeet. An important minster reaches the Sangeet venue and wants to discuss something important with Manohar. The minister tells about getting the money in the Alan Broad case. Suhasini tells Jaya that she will have to do a performance with Jaidev. Manohar comes there and takes away Suhasini and informs her about getting a huge amount of money. Haider gets angry with Asad for not helping in any preparations and everyone calms him down. Jaidev sees Jaya practicing dance. Jaya informs him that the two of them have to dance and Jaidev refuses for it. Jaya walks away saying that he does not have a choice. Jaidev also starts practicing watching TV in a comical way Jaya sees him and starts laughing. Asad is angry as Haider shouted at him. Asad tells Swadheenta that he hopes in his next birth he is born in a rich family like Adarsh where they don’t have to work around in the house. Asad thinks that he will get his friends to help in the wedding preparations. Asad brings his friends to meet his father. Haider asks them to go to Adarsh’s house for sangeet preparations. Precap: Arvind instructs his friends that they will do a scanning of Sinha house amid the sangeet ceremony for their bomb blast mission.

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