Dehleez 20th June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 19, 2016

Dehleez written update 20th June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Swadheenta tells the police that Arvind’s image can be found in the CCTV footage of the mall which she had visited along with Adarsh. Paddy calls up Swadheenta and asks her to meet her urgently. Adarsh calls Jaidev and says that they have to clear Manohar’s name. Adarsh wants to meet the minister but Jaidev tries to avoid the issue. Swadheenta meets Paddy and Paddy says that she wanted her to meet Adarsh and sort out the problems. Adarsh also comes there and tells Paddy to stay out of their personal matters.

Swadheenta shows the CCTV footage of Arvind in the mall to the police. The cops catch the salesman in the mall who had some connection with Arvind. The salesman reveals that Arvind’s name is Major Iftekar and he is on his way to Rajasthan. Suhasini asks Manohar if he forced Alan to give statement. Manohar refuses and Suhasini is relieved. Suhasini tells Manohar that even if Swadheenta puts a case against him then she will find a way to save him. The police catches the car in which Arvind is travelling and ask him to get down.

Yash intervenes and ask the policeman to let them go. Yash notes down the license plate number of the car and leaves from there. Swadheenta reaches the check point area and the policeman informs her that a man looking like Arvind came there but Yash let him go. Swadheenta thinks that Yash will never want Arvind Gupta to be caught. The policeman tells Swadheenta that Yash is gone to headquarters. Swadheenta calls up Radhika and says that she wants a favour from her. Swadheenta tells Radhika to track Yash’s movements.

Radhika says that she knows a professional hacker who could help them out. Swadheenta comes to know Yash’s location and is surprise to know that he is not in the headquarters but is in some village. Arvind takes off his false hair and beard and Bilal is relived that Yash did not recognize him. Bilal leaves the car and Arvind drives the car ahead. Yash manages to catch Arvind and point his gun at him. Arvind tells Yash that she did a favour on him by killing Asad. Yash says that he hated Asad but he hates him more. Yash says that he will kill him so that his secret gets destroyed forever.

Precap: Adarsh tells Suhasini that once Arvind is caught, the truth will be known. Bilal stabs Swadheenta.  

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