Dehleez 21st June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 20, 2016

Dehleez written update 21st June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Yash tells Arvind that his secret will be buried forever as he will kill him. Bilal reaches there and shots Yash’s hand and he drops the gun. Arvind trashes Yash and then Bilal and Arvind escape from there. Adarsh thinks about Swadheenta accusing his father. Yash is sitting in an injured state and Swadheenta reaches there. Swadheenta asks him why he let Arvind escape. Swadheenta accuses Yash for lying and deceiving the nation despite of being an army officer. Swadheenta says that she will find Arvind anyhow and then Yash’s lies will be exposed.

Suhasini tells Adarsh that they have to clear Manohar’s name anyhow. Adarsh says that he will tell his subordinate Suraj to get the internal reports so they will know the truth. Manohar hears all this. Swadheenta calls up Simmi and asks her about who suggested naming her child as Aman. Simmi says that Abhay had told her this just a few hours before he died.

Swadheenta realizes that Abhay was with Asad on the night of the blast and Asad must have suggested this name to him as he was supposed to be named Aman when he was born. Adarsh comes to know that Sooraj’s transfer got done suddenly and tells Manohar about it. Adarsh says that he wants to see the report and Manohar tells him that he will show it to him. Adarsh leaves and Manohar tells Jaidev not to worry as Adarsh will never get the real Internal inquiry reports.

Jaidev is tensed and Jaya ask him about it. Jaidev tells Jaya that her love has changed him a lot and he is not able to lie to anyone. Jaidev reveals that he is a dishonest IAS officer and he wants to change himself and become honest. Jaya asks Jaidev what is troubling him but Jaidev is not able to tell her the truth. However, Jaya asks Jaidev to follow the path of truth. Bilal is at a local dhaba and he gets shocked to see Swadheenta there.

Bilal calls up Arvind and Arvind tells him to stab Swadheenta. Arvind tells Bilal to grab her bag so that it looks like a case of theft. Suraj meets Adarsh before leaving and just then Jaidev sends him the reports. Adarsh shows Suraj the reports and he looks surprised.  Bilal stabs Swadheenta.

Precap: Adarsh tell Suhasini that Manohar is guilty. Adarsh says that he will support Swadheenta if Suhasini will support Manohar  

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