Dehleez 21st May 2016 written episode update Dehleez WU

May 20, 2016

Dehleez written update May 21st 2016 Written Update, Written Episode

Asad tells the family not to postpone the wedding as they can deal with risks. Haider supports Asad’s view and says that it will not be fair to Swadheenta and Adarsh if their wedding is postponed. Haider tells about Yash being deployed in the college so there is less chance of doing a bomb blast. Arvind talks to someone on the phone and says that they have laid out all the plans by fooling everyone. Suhasini decides that they will continue with normal schedule of wedding. Abhay tells the policemen to check the venue as Sangeet is over. Arvind and other terrorist get tensed seeing policemen entering with sniffer dogs. The police checks the entire venue thoroughly. A policeman finds a suspicious looking wire and the electrician is called to check it. Abhay thinks that the electrician is responsible for it and asks him to beware. Abhay orders the policemen to check the venue before and after each function. Swadheenta and Asad share an emotional moment together as Swadheenta thanks him for standing up for her. The family starts to joke with Jaidev and Jaya for enjoying the Sangeet the most. Jaidev’s brothers ask him to clear differences between him and Jaya. Haider’s wife asks Asad about who is Radhika and he blushes. Adarsh tells Swadheenta that Jaya and Jaidev’s love story has started in their sangeet. Jaidev is in his towel and he notices Jaya’s nightdress. Just then Jaya enters the room and she gets shy seeing him in his towel. Jaya and Jaidev get ready to go to bed but feel awkward with each other. Jaya tries to hold Jaidev’s hands but then she stops herself. The terrorists discuss how all their plans got flopped. One of them says that they should cancel their mission and Arvind slaps him. Arvind says that he will complete the mission by changing his plan of action. Precap: Swadheenta is enjoying the haldi ceremony. Abhay and is team is working to track the terrorists.

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