Dehleez 22nd June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 21, 2016

Dehleez written update 22nd June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Adarsh meets Jaidev and thanks him for sending the report. Adarsh says that their case has become stronger and they will be able to get Haider hanged. Adarsh thinks that Manohar too will be able to get a clean chit. Adarsh tells Jaidev that after the case is over, he will divorce Swadheenta. Jaidev gets tensed hearing this and hugs Adarsh. Jaidev starts crying and Adarsh reveals that he has come to know that the reports are false. Jaidev tells Dev that he has always helped to cover up Manohar’s dishonesty but not anymore. Jaidev promises Adarsh that he is with him.

Adarsh reaches Manohar’s room and confronts him saying that he has read the real internal inquiry report. Adarsh tells Suhasini that the report he had sent her earlier was false. Adarsh tells Suhasini that Manohar has lied to both of them and Suhasini slaps Adarsh. Suhasini tells Adarsh that he can support Swadheenta but he dare not speak against Manohar. Adarsh leaves from there saying that Swadheenta needs him. Jaidev meets Jaya and he starts crying. Jaidev thanks Jaya for showing him the right path.

Adarsh calls Swadheenta abut he cannot get through. The police informs Adarsh that Swadheenta has gone to Rajasthan. Adarsh calls up Paddy and the two of them decide to reach Rajasthan. Arvind is in some secluded place and he senses that someone is keeping an eye on him. Suddenly Swadheenta appears there in a wounded condition and tells Arvind that she will not give up till she gets justice for Asad and Haider.

Swadheenta tells Arvind that hundreds of policemen are coming to arrest him. Swadheenta tells him that he is in India which is a land of peace and harmony but they will not spare him. The police reaches there but Arvind hits Swadheenta on the head and tries to escape from there. Arvind carries Swadheenta and takes her to an unknown place. Paddy and Adarsh are worried for Swadheenta. Arvind tells Swadheenta that no police will be able to find them. Arvind tries to kill Swadheenta by hurting her wound further more.

Precap: Adarsh fights with Arvind. Bilal give Arvind a gun and he points it at Adarsh.                                        


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