Dehleez 27th May 2016 written episode writtn update Dehleez WU

May 26, 2016

Dehleez written update May 27th 2016 Written Update, Written Episode WU starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Swadheenta makes Adarsh wear the garland but he keeps moving higher. Finally Swadheenta completes the garland ceremony and Adarsh too puts garland around her. A waiter gives Haider the purple colored gift packet which has the bomb. Yash explains to his team about the bomb blast plan and how they have to stop it. Yash shows his team the pictures of the terrorists and gets them circulated among all police stations. Swadheenta is worried as Asad has still not reached the wedding. Swadheenta calls up Asad and Asad say that he is stuck somewhere and he cannot come. Swadheenta calls Asad irresponsible and tells him to go die somewhere. Asad prays to God to help Swadheenta cool down her anger. Adarsh and Swadheenta’s marriage rituals start off. Swadheenta and Radhika both keep looking at the entrance waiting for Asad. Adarsh asks Swadheenta not to worry and put a smile on her face. Adarsh and Swadheenta’s pheras start taking place. Abhay and Asad are tensed as the cops are trying to locate the next two spots. Arvind and other terrorists get stuck in a police nakabandi. Arvind manages to escape from being caught. Adarsh puts Sindoor for Swadheenta and makes her wear mangalsutra. Jaya jokes that Swadheenta has to touch Adarsh’s feet. The pandit announces that the marriage is complete. Adarsh and Swadheenta take blessings of family. Swadheenta’s friend hides Adarsh’s shoes and asks for Rs 50000 in return. Jaidev gives another pair of shoes to Adarsh and Swadheenta’s friend calls him a miser. Swadheenta’s friends makes the guests play a game and picks up a chit containing Jaidev’s name. Jaidev is asked to come on stage but he gets nervous. Jaidev finally comes on stage and says that his favorite relationship is with his wife and Jaya is overwhelmed. One terrorist tells Arvind to cancel second spot but Arvind tells that they will have to sacrifice their lives for the mission. Bilal gives one terrorist a tiffin box containing bomb. Precap: One terrorist dies in the blast. Asad suddenly realizes that the third blast will take place in Swadheenta and Adarsh’s wedding.

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