Dehleez 4th June 2016 written episode written update Dehleez WU

Jun 03, 2016

Dehleez written update 4th June 2016 Written Update, Written Episode starring Tridha Choudhary and Harshad Arora

Simmi sees Abhay’s dead body and breaks down completely and the rest of the family also cries and consoles Simmi. A few ministers reach there to give condolence and Manohar receives them. The minister assures Manohar that Abhay will get a bravery award as he has already sent a request for it. Swadheenta’s parents reach there and Swadheenta cries hugging her mother. Swadheenta asks why Mami has not come and also inquires about Asad’s body. Ramakrishna ask Swadheenta not to associate herself with the Gilani family anymore as they are terrorists. Ramakrishna asks Swadheenta to concentrate on her family only. Suhasini meets Swadheenta’s parents and they tell her that they did not know about truth about the Gilani’s. Swadheneta’s mother assures Suhasini that they will explain Swadheenta to not associate with them anymore. Suhasini believes Swadheenta’s parents’’ words. Swadheenta rushes to her room and breaks down. Swadheenta finds a CD in her belongings and plays it. The CD turns out to be a recorded video of Asad which he has gifted to her. Asad tells Swadheenta to not leave her and go away even after marriage. Asad also tell her to make Adarsh also live in their house. Asad also leaves an emotional message for Swadheenta and she breaks down remembering him. Asad finally says I love You to Swadheenta in the video and she too says the same being completely shattered. Swadheenta finds Asad’s picture and hugs it. Arvind is at the Dhaba and sees the news of Haider and Asad being blamed for the attacks and he gets happy. Arvind tells Bilal to send him back to his country and Bilal asks him to wait till the matter cools down. Jaya sees Swadheenta crying and reprimands her for mourning the death of the person who killed Abhay. Swadheenta keeps saying that Asad is not a terrorist and is her brother. Jaya goes from there angrily and tells her to come soon as everyone is asking about new bride. Mami reaches there to give condolence and Manohar insults her. Precap: Suhasini tells Mami that she gave birth to a terrorist while her son was a soldier. Mami tells Swadheenta to prove Haider and Asad innocent if she ever thought of them as her family.

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