Dehleez 8th May 2016 Written Update WU

May 18, 2016

Dehleez 8th May 2016 Written Update Written Episode starring Harshad Arora and Trisha Choudhary

Simmi is about to slap Ramakrishna and Swadheenta holds her hand. Swadheenta takes Ramakrishna away from there and Simmi pulls Ahuja out of the pool. Swadheenta looks at Adarsh sadly. The entire family is shocked about the incident and Simmi demands to know why no one stood for her father as was slapped in front of everyone. Jaya questions Simmi why she tried to raise her hand on Ramakrishna. Simmi threatens to leave the house and Suhasini shouts on her. Suhasini blames both Ahuja and Ramakrishna for ruining her party. Suhasini says that Ramakrishna crossed all limits by slapping Ahuja and he should apologies to him. Swadheenta’s mother is angry about the fact that Ramakrishna did Bharatanatyam at the party and also slapped Ahuja. Adarsh calls up Swadheenta and says that Ramakrishna did wrong by slapping Ahuja. Swadheenta and Adarsh decide to meet each other and sort out the matter. Suhasini and Manohar are alone together and Suhasini is happy about whatever happened as she wants Adarsh to realize the truth of Swadheenta’s family. Swadheenta meets Adarsh and Adarsh feels that Ramakrishna should stop doing his weird behavior. Ramakrishna meets Swadheenta alone and tells her that he will go back to Chennai and will tell Haider to organize the wedding for her. Adarsh and Swadheenta’s families have a meeting along with Ahuja. Suhasini tells Ramakrishna that the matter will have to be resolved and therefore he should apologize to Ahuja. Ramakrishna refuses to do so and Simmi tries to talk in between but Ahuja reprimands her. Ramakrishna makes it clear that he will never apologies to Ahuja. Ahuja gets angry and threatens to leave but Suhasini stops him. Suhasini says that Swadheenta and Adarsh will decide what has to be done. Suhasini makes it clear that her father won’t apologies but Adarsh says that Ramakrishna will have to apologies. Precap: Suhasini says that the engagement will have to be called off since Swadheenta and Adarsh cannot make a joint decision.

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