Dehleez: Adarsh exposes Manohar and supports Swadheenta

Jun 21, 2016

Dehleez: Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) gets stabbed by Bilal, Adarsh (Harshad Arora) unware of Swadheenta’s life being in danger

The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will finally show the big breakthrough moment as Adarsh will come to know about his father Manohar Sinha being involved with international terrorist Alan Broad. Adarsh will also find out that Manohar hid the truth about the internal reports which clearly proves Haider and Asad being innocent.

On the other hand, Yash tries to kill Arvind but Arvind gets saved by Bilal. Arvind trashes Yash badly and escapes from there. Swadheenta sees Yash in a beaten up condition and confronts him for letting off Arvind. Swadheenta promises to Yash that she will find Arvind and expose Yash’s lies in front of everyone. However, Swadheenta is not aware that her life is in grave danger. Bilal sees Swadheenta at a local Dhaba in Rajasthan and gets worried thinking that she has reached there in search of Arvind.

Bilal calls up Arvind ad tells him about Swadheenta being there. Arvind instructs Bilal to immediately kill Swadheenta with a knife. Bilal follow Swadheenta and just before she enters the car, he stabs the knife into her chest. While Swadheenta hangs between life and death, Adarsh comes to know about Manohar’s truth. Adarsh confronts Suhasini about it and she gets furious with him for trying to accuse his own father. Adarsh decides that he will support Swadheenta and help her to get justice for Haider and Asad.

However, it will now be seen that Adarsh will come to know about Swadheenta being in an injured condition. Adarsh will be scared for Swadheenta’ life and will feel guilty for not supporting her earlier. Will Swadheenta survive after the attack? Will Adarsh and Swadheenta be able to prove Haider’s innocence? Stay in tune to get more exciting updates on Dehleez.

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