Dehleez couple Harshad Arora and Tridha Choudhary holidaying in Europe

Sep 02, 2016

Dehleez: Harshad Arora and Tridha Choudhary confirm their couple status by holidaying together in Europe

Here is some spicy and interesting news for all Dehleez fans out there. The show was on air for only a short period of time but it managed to create a huge impact because of its unique concept and crisp acting. However, what was loved most about the show was the crackling chemistry between the lead pair Harshad Arora and Tridha Choudhary. While the show was still on air, there was a strong buzz going around suggesting that the two actors were dating each other. Both Harshad and Tridha turned down these rumors saying that they are just very good friends. However, the latest news about the two artist suggest that there is defiantly something more than friendship between them.  News is that both Harshad and Tridha are currently together on a holiday in Europe. The couple is in Spain enjoying the Tomatina festival. Both Harshad and Tridha were probed about being together on their holiday and both said that they were in Europe along with their family. However, Harshad and Tridha being together clearly suggests that they are not just friends and are definitely dating. Harshad and Tridha will later visit other places in Europe after moving out from Spain. Let’s hope to see this lovable couple together on the screen once again in some other show. What Say Guys??? Stay tuned for more updates on Dehleez.

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