Dehleez Latest News 17th May 2016

May 16, 2016

Dehleez Latest News:  Asad accused of terrorism

In the Tv serial Dehleez to be aired on Star Plus on 17th May 2016 Asad will be accused of terrorism.  Asad is completely unaware that whom he calls friends are actually in reality terrorist and they are plotting a terror attack in New Delhi. His friends who are actually terrorist are planning to plant and detonate 3 bombs in New Delhi area and they decide to involve Asad also in their plans (Asad actually does not know anything and is clean man but his friends want to use him as a pawn so that they go free and all the blame for the bomb blast goes to Asad ). So they plan to use one of Asad's scooters to detonate one of the bombs. On the other hand Swadheenta is playing peace maker and helping out Adarsh's family to sort out all the misunderstandings that have been going on between them.

Swadheenta is then seen fighting for justice for Asad as he is innocent and in reality has done nothing wrong but has been arrested by New Delhi police on charges of carrying our bomb blast and terrorist activities. Swadheenta will be shown running from pillar to post and see to it that Asad is released  from police custody. So amid all this drama Adarsh and Swadheenta's wedding preparations are going on but the bomb blast and Asad being in police custody will have a dent in the wedding preparations.

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