Dehleez latest news: Swadheenta moves out of Adarsh’s house

Jun 08, 2016

Dehleez latest news: Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) realizes Adarsh’s (Harshad Arora) family wants her to leave the house

The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will show that Swadheenta will decide to move out of Adarsh’s house as the entire family is against her decision to fight casein favour of Haider. Swadheenta starts preparing for the big court battle where she wants to prove to everyone that Haider is not a terrorist. Swadheenta reaches court and Adarsh and his family is also there. Suhasini sees Swadheenta in the courtroom and says that she knew that she would take this step after listening to her statement in the media. Swadheenta feels that she has responsibility is toward the Gilani’s as they are like her parents. Adarsh and the rest of his family are disgusted with Swadheenta’s decision and know that she will never turn back from what she has decided. The court case begins and the prosecutor says that all clues are pointing towards Haider being the culprit. The prosecutor calls Haider as the mastermind of the blasts and says that Ravi, Rajesh and Asad were working under him. Swadheenta counters the arguments saying that all the blast equipment were belonging to their neighboring country and Rajesh and Ravi were also not Indians. However, Haider is a true Indian and loves his country. Swadheenta shows the judge a file of Haider’s life achievements and tries to prove that he has led a life of a normal citizen so far and has never had any criminal background. Swadheenta wants to clean up Haider’s tarnished image through her arguments but the judge wants Swadheenta to only give proof related to the bomb blasts. While Swadheenta faces heat from the opposition in the courtroom, her personal life also goes through turmoil as Manohar wants her to either leave the case or leave the house. Swadheenta will now be seen moving out of Adarsh’s house to continue her battle to save Haider.

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